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AHREXPO 2024 | Staffing in the Industry Today: Building The Right Team

Session Information: Monday, January 22, 2024 | 9:00 AM – 9:45 PM | Room S401BC

Session Overview

The industry continues to grow through innovative methods in recruiting, hiring, building culture, mentoring and training. The industry is in a state of flux. There will be a talent shortage for the next generation; where are the opportunities? New employees bring skills in AI and Cloud deployment. Reductions in new office construction will require moving to new markets, like retrofitting and re-deploying our existing workforce. For this session we’ve gathered together experts in Human Resources and recruitment to present strategies to help navigate the staffing challenges facing the industry.

Session Resources

Brad White, President, SES Consulting

Brad is a contributing editor for and the president of SES Consulting. SES offers a broad range of expertise through our diverse experience in construction implementation, cost analysis, HVAC systems, building automation, smart building systems, data analytics, and sustainability services.

Allison Lewis, Apprenticeship Program Manager, ASP

Allison Lewis is a leader in the arena of skills-based workforce development. As ASP’s Program Director, she oversees the operations of employer-driven programs that help workers strengthen their skills using role-specific and high-demand career pathways. What she enjoys most about her job is helping employers, workers, and institutions re-imagine one of the world’s oldest worker development methods, apprenticeship, as a nimble solution to build advanced workers for emerging technology occupations.

Mike Conway, Founder & Executive Director, Stacks+Joules

Mike Conway is Founder and Executive Director of Stacks & Joules, a nonprofit project-based learning program in computer programming and wireless network management. The proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) technology means that coding is now a vital skill set across many industries, with our curriculum students gain mastery of rigorous technical skills and concepts vital to jobs in HVACR and building automation.

Kim Brown, Chief People Officer, Cochrane Supply

Kim is the Chief People Officer for Cochrane Supply, where she brings experience in business development and management, spending most of her career in the building automation / building controls and IoT industries.

Skip Freeman, Founder/ CEO/Senior Recruiter, SmartBuildingsIndustry.Jobs

Skip brings 21 years of professional recruiting experience, with the last five year in the Building Automation & Smart Buildings niche. As a small business owner himself, Skip recognizes the need for an affordable, fast, and effective recruiting solution that falls in-between that of posting jobs and a full-fledged recruitment search.

Previously a recruiter, CIA, and Airborne-Qualified US Army Officer in the Combat Engineers , Skip uses “Tactical Empathy” from Chris Voss’ Black Swan Group to reshape a firm’s hiring process and a candidate’s career trajectory, onto a path where success was clearly hoped for into one that is strategically and empathetically engineered for lasting impact.

With plans of launching in late March 2024, SmartBuildingsIndustry.Jobs is a talent portal specifically for our industry, leveling the recruiting playing field for the small to mid-sized contractor/systems integrator in the race for talent.