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CUBE & Alps Controls Join Forces to Enhance Your Business – Meet Us at the AHR Expo

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of a unique collaboration between two leaders in the Building Automation industry: CUBE USA and Alps Controls. We want to invite you to experience our unique collaboration live at Booth S6456 during the AHR Expo 2024.

CUBE USA is a leading software provider in Engineering and Estimating for the BMS (Building Management Systems) industry. Their innovation centers around empowering BMS contractors by centralizing data, integrating functions, and promoting systematic enhancement. This approach fosters collaboration and informed decision-making, extending benefits to departments such as estimating, engineering, and purchasing.

Alps Controls, based in Pittsburgh, stands as the undisputed market leader, offering a comprehensive online platform for millions of HVAC and building automation control parts, peripherals, and software across the Americas.

Our partnership represents a major milestone in the industry, setting the stage for both organizations to seamlessly integrate their technologies and databases. This integration will streamline workflows and deliver enhanced convenience, productivity, and cost competitiveness to Building Controls Contractors. u

The strategic intent behind the creation of this partnership is to collaborate continuously over time, delivering incremental gains in functionality and the value provided by our innovative and transformative technologies, meticulously designed with the needs of Building Control Contractors in mind.

In addition to collaborating with CUBE USA to improve the end-to-end user experience when (a) searching and selecting products during project estimation and (b) procuring products once the project has been won, Alps Controls has been appointed as an authorized distributor of the CUBE USA software platform.

“We are truly excited about this collaboration as it represents a significant leap forward for businesses looking to refine their controls’ efficiency, offering enhanced speed, precision, and cost-effectiveness, all at an exceptional value.” – Hector Hernandez, CEO of CUBE

“Together, CUBE and Alps Controls are in the unique position of having both the technology and the talented people needed to create a true game changer. Both companies have a history and a reputation for creating innovative and disruptive solutions. Our best-in-class seamless estimating and purchasing experience is just the latest solution we are bringing to market.” – Dave Mayers, CEO of Alps Controls

To learn more about the capabilities that this new collaboration can bring to your company, please contact Adriana Tobon ( or Josh Felperin (