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I had this idea 20 years ago. 

💡 Had this idea 20 years ago that “we” in the controls industry MIGHT be able to standardize on IT FRIENDLY protocols like XML or Web Services APIs as first reported as a “guest” contributing editor to AutomatedBuildings Ken Sinclair

📚Reading between the lines a bit, this was the start of the Open Building Information eXchange (OBIX) movement. In fact, my company IFS, hosted the very first “XML Symposium” at BuilConn Anto Budiardjo to PROVE that XML could in fact be used as an open, secure, IT friendly protocol

👋 This is when I met my good friend Brian Tarbert.

☁️ partner, TCS | Building Automation Systems. would go on to create, arguably, the very first cloud SaaS BAS!

⏳ One of my “2-3 startups ago”, Impact Facility Solutions (AKA used to be hosted an INTEROPERABILITY demo at the University of Cincinnati along with BIG-NA featuring my long-time customer and friends completely integrated campus at the University of Southern California. This state of the art XML-based-software-gateway platform called “Enterprise DX” (Enterprise Data eXchange or “EDX” for short) which I invented back in 2002, connected BAS systems from HoneywellJohnson ControlsSiemensTraneInvensys – Acquired by Schneider ElectricEaton – Buildings As A Grid and a “smattering” of IT systems: classroom scheduling, utility billing and accounting, NOAA: National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration Weather data and others).

🚀 This open Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) network was the first of its kind, and was a pre-cursor of what I would go on to do after IFS, when I co-founded Phoenix Energy Technologies a few years later (Itron, Inc. Silicon Energy US Patent 6,178,362 – Web-based EEM System and Method 2001)

⏲ Fast forward to where I am now having a ball, once again, pushing the envelope and applying AI to the built environment at scale with

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