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Smarter Summit 24 Agenda AHRExpo Chicago

Charting the Path to Cloud-Native Buildings

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Hosts: Rick Justis, Kennady Gales, and Anto Budiardjo

3:00 Keynote: The Vision Towards Cloud-Native Buildings

Hosts: Glen Allmendinger, Rick Justis, Kennady Gales, and Anto Budiardjo

In opening comments, the Summit hosts reflect on how the industry has reached this major digital transformation watershed moment, hailed by some as transformational as the emergence of DDC in the 1970s/80s. Following the inaugural Summit in Atlanta in 2023, industry leaders are taking action to create and deliver interoperable open solutions to be discussed at this Summit. A key concept driving this vision is adopting cloud-native principles and embracing the future of AI/ML to deliver smarter solutions for buildings of all sizes, complexity, and needs.

The hosts will pose a key question: Does this vision present a disruptive force for change or an opportunity for the industry to innovate and grow to deliver more value? Whatever the answer to that question by individual stakeholders, the one clear thing is that the future of Smarter Buildings revolves around collaboration, hence the mantra #smartertogether of the Summit.

3:30 Specifying and Procuring Smarter Buildings

Speakers: James Lee, Peter ScanlonChris Battisti

A key barrier presented at the Atlanta Summit in 2023 is addressing the process of specifying and procuring smarter building solutions head-on through the launch of the open-source Div 2525 Framework created by C4SB and Monday Live!

The Framework provides a set of questions and concerns that building owners should consider when embarking on a smart building journey. Together with a version 1.1 update to the Framework, the speakers will discuss how to use the Smarter Stack to map out the procurement of open, interoperable components of your smarter building stack. Also on the agenda are the challenges facility owners and operators face balancing their procurement between focusing on capital investments and operational and maintenance efficiencies.

The speakers will ask: Can open and interoperable architectures truly deliver secure solutions, and is some form of Building as a Service (BaaS) offering a way to procure the benefits of smarter buildings in the future?

4:00 IBB – Open Industry Platform for Interoperability

Presenter: Anto Budiardjo, Rick Justis

Initiated by conversations at Smarter Summit 23 in Atlanta, the Interoperable Building Box (IBB) is a newly created open-source software stack based on cloud-native components and practices commonly used in cloud data centers today. The key difference is that the IBB is designed to be on-prem in a building.

The on-prem nature of IBB provides it with a low-latency, highly resilient, non-internet-dependent way to host Docker containerized applications on-prem that can be installed, managed, and used remotely while abiding by the strictest security policy requirements of today’s building owners.

This session will introduce the IBB architecture and demonstrate how it can materially transform how industry engineers interact with cloud-native applications within the IBB, on-prem, and in the cloud. The demo will focus on the useability and flexibility of the IBB to automatically establish valuable business functions in a plug-and-play manner.

4:30 Ecosystem Panel Discussion

Panel: Tracy Markie, Tristan de Frondeville, Ryan Brothers, Fred Gordy, Jim Lee, Anto Budiardjo

In this session, Tracy Markie will moderate a conversation on the ecosystem emerging from the IBB Project. The project, in less than a year, has created a pathway for hardware and software vendors to reimagine how we can leverage cloud-native and specifically the IBB to collectively deliver their offerings in an open and interoperable manner, promising significant market growth and benefits to building owners and operators.

  • How does IBB change what you do to increase revenue/returns
  • How does the IBB architecture create opportunities for an ecosystem to innovation
  • How has the experience been for vendors adopting the IBB?
  • Can you express the value of this ecosystem in business terms
  • Who are the stakeholders benefiting from an open architecture, and how?

5:00 Workforce Innovation is Changing the OT Industry

Speakers: Melissa Boutwell, Steve Fey,

In the 21st century, computing has become cloud-native for virtually every industry. The BAS/OT industry is starting to adapt, and in this session, we will outline how today’s workforce is pushing our industry to make this transition a reality across the supply chain. What is behind this imperative?

  • There is currently a severe need for more talent in our industry that can be mitigated in part by OT product innovation that reduces the cost of labor.
  • IT skills are essential for implementing cloud-native OT systems, and our educational institutions are responding to the challenge.
  • Government agencies at all levels have determined that OT systems constitute critical infrastructure and, therefore, must meet the current standards for security and data accessibility. 

5:30 Action Stations! Let’s Get Smarter Together!

Hosts: Glen Allmendinger, Rick Justis, Kennady Gales, and Anto Budiardjo

In this closing session, the hosts will recap the vision of the Summit and reflect on the presentations on procurement, technology stack, ecosystem, and workforce development. These and other work are being done to move the industry forward to deliver information technology solutions to improve facilities for owners, operators, and occupants.

The hosts will discuss various ways industry professionals can get involved in this movement toward open and interoperable cloud-native buildings. Specific opportunities to get involved at the AHR Expo include the following:

  • Visit us at AHR Expo in Booth S6325 to learn more about the collaboration around the IBB
  • Smarter Summit Recap: Room S401bc on Tuesday 12:00pm-12:45pm
  • The IBB Workshop Room S505a on Wednesday 11am-2pm
  • Make plans to join us at Smarter Summit 24 at Realcomm 2024 in Tampa on June 19, 2024