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Cost-Effective BAS Design: Unlocking the Value of QA Graphics’ Symbol Libraries

QA Graphics is a full-service HVAC design firm that offers a variety of services within the Building Automation System (BAS) industry. Since their doors opened in 2006, QA Graphics has consistently developed state-of-the-art symbol libraries that can be deployed by System Integrigators inside of popular BAS software.

The libraries are comprised of hundreds of individual symbols and animations that allow end-users the ability to create enhanced system graphics inside their preferred BAS software. Unlike similar offerings in the industry, QA Graphics offers these products for a one-time fee. Once purchased, every graphic technician at their company can use the QA Library on all their jobs going forward. One-time fees allow customers to know how much they will be spending upfront, and knowing there will be no annual subscription or licensing fees helps them with budgeting and project planning now and in the future.

Currently, QA Graphics is offering three different libraries for purchase: The V5 Symbol Library, Vector Symbol Library, and 3D Room Library all have specifically designed features that allow them to stick out above their competition in the BAS industry.

V5 Symbol Library

Created in 2017, the V5 Library is composed of over 550 images and animations. The library was built using PNG symbols and GIF animations that allow these graphics to be deployed in almost all major graphic software around the world.

Vector Symbol Library

Addressing the need for responsive design in the industry, the QA Vector Symbol Library allows end-users the ability to format their graphics to fit all screen sizes. Since it is a true vector-based library, you’re able to view your mechanical system graphics on anything from phones, tablets, and large screen devices without any pixelation.

3D Room Library

QA Graphics’ most recent and specialized library is their 3D Room Library. This library contains over 200 symbols of ductwork, equipment, furniture, and much more that is meant to represent Data Rooms, Labs, and Hospital Iso Rooms.

Along with the unique one-time fee offering, each of the above libraries also comes with a .JAR file free of charge. This easy-to-use plug-in allows you to effortlessly integrate any of QA Graphics enhanced libraries directly inside of the existing graphic software.

For more information on our symbol libraries or any of our other offerings, contact QA Graphics today.