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The Future of OT & IoT in an AI World

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Video from March 25

We discuss how we are one of the industries that will turn the power of AI into action with OT, IoT, and Cloud-Native solutions.

Video clip – Our industry will take action on all AI commands

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Response to our LinkedIn post from

Gérald Santucci President of European Education New Society (ENSA) Association

Thanks to Ken Sinclair for this great post!

Artificial Intelligence alone is nothing – true. Except if in the future we reach #AGI, i.e. AI with capabilities that rival those of a human, hence capable of replicating human-like cognitive abilities including reasoning, problem solving, perception, learning, and language comprehension. According to some daring experts, #singularity, i.e. the moment where AI is no longer under human control, is less than a decade away. Something like “The Twenty-Fifth Hour” of C. Virgil Gheorghiu – “The time when mankind is beyond salvation… It is not the last hour; it is one past the last hour.”

Meanwhile, obviously #AI#OT and #IoT are intertwined, and this is a message that Ken is very right to focus on. Frankly, I’m not convinced (yet?) by what is meant by #AIoT, simply considering that AI and IoT, already impressive individually, may dramatically increase benefits for the economy and for society. But, I acknowledge the formidable opportunity for organizations, people and the planet to embed AI algorithms and machine learning models into IoT devices, enabling the latter to process and analyze data locally and make intelligent decisions. IoT (80 zettabytes by 2025, according to IDC) provides the fuel for AI applications to advance whereas AI provides the power.

“Skepticism and apprehension towards Al are common, often stemming from misconceptions, fear of the unknown, or philosophical and ethical concerns. In navigating these concerns, it is imperative to approach Al with respect and understanding, acknowledging its role as a tool to augment, not replace, human capabilities.” Well said. In the past, all new technologies triggered anxiety and sometimes social unrest – examples include the Luddites (in London, Britain, 1811-12), or, to some degree, the Canuts (in Lyon, France, 1831). AI is the latest manifestation of such anxiety, and it is amplified by, notably, growing individualism, the weakening of democracies, the surge of various global threats, the acceleration of change. This is why it is the honor of Europe to lead in the endeavor to design and implement a responsible #ethics for AI.

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