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Over 700 projects utilized Bray International butterfly valves in the last 12 months alone, making their HVAC valve and actuator product catalog one of the most utilized in our software. Bidtracer users save hours estimating, with access thousands of products in real time within the software, including Bray butterfly valves, check valves, ball, knife gate, control, and cryogenic valves.

Bidtracer added Bray International valves to the product portfolio just under one year ago. In that time, over 700 projects around the world that were estimated and engineered with Bidtracer have included Bray International butterfly valves. What should you know about this revolutionary product?

Bray offers automated valves that meet the demanding flow applications of chiller/boiler isolation, air handlers, and terminal units in various environments including hospitals, commercial offices, schools/universities, airports, data centers, hotels, government/municipal buildings, and sports/entertainment/convention centers. Bidtracer can be used to quote all of these project types, merging engineering and estimating together in an all-in-one cloud based solution that users can access from any device.

Bray is a trusted provider of high-quality valves, actuators, controls, and accessories for HVAC systems in all industries, known for their commitment to quality. Contacting the manufacturer and receiving a same-day response is just one of the many high quality customer service experiences we enjoy while working with Bray.

With a global reputation for extended reliability, Bray’s butterfly valves and actuators for HVAC applications are known for their superior value and quality. Bidtracer is an established resource for cloud based construction cost estimating, and our software goes hand in hand with every Bray product the world knows and trusts.

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