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Turnkey BAS Graphics Solutions from QA Graphics

QA Graphics is the recognized graphics outsourcing leader in the Building Automation System (BAS) industry. Following the installation of HVAC controls by systems integrators, the crucial next step involves creating graphics that integrate with these controls. Regardless of the building size, each turnkey project encompasses four essential features: Site Mapping or Navigation, Floor Plans, HVAC System Graphics, and Point Mapping.

QA Graphics’ highly skilled, in-house development team is equipped to handle all components of your project with precision and efficiency.

Site Plans & Navigation

The Site Plan or Home Screen serves as the gateway to every graphic project. QA Graphics’ 3D modeling team excels in generating photorealistic views of your site and its surrounding features. This aerial perspective enhances the visual appeal and simplifies navigation across various floors and systems within the building.

2D/3D Floor Plans

Transitioning from the Home Screen, building operators typically access the building floor plans. Whether your preference lies with a basic 2D or a more detailed 3D floor plan, QA Graphics leverages your existing building plans to create a bespoke floor plan standard tailored specifically for your needs. Once established, these floor plans enable BAS Operators to monitor HVAC system alarms, lighting, and temperatures effectively.

HVAC System Graphics

The HVAC System Graphics section delves deeper into the building control system and reveals all the main mechanical systems within the building. Utilizing software from leading manufacturers like Johnson Controls, Niagara, or Schneider Electric, QA Graphics’ fully-trained team of developers employs control drawings to craft a detailed graphical representation of the building’s systems. The culmination of their turnkey graphic solution is BAS point mapping, which seamlessly integrates these graphical elements with the building’s control database.

Symbol Libraries

In addition to working with embedded control system graphic libraries, QA Graphics offers two exclusive symbol libraries as part of their enhanced graphic packages. The V5 Symbol Library features over 550 .png images and .gif animations, compatible with over 95% of control manufacturer’s software. Their latest offering, the Vector Library, caters to the industry’s growing demand for responsive design, ensuring adaptability across various screen sizes.

QA Graphics is committed to delivering high-quality graphics with rapid turnaround times and competitive pricing, all contributing to a significant return on investment (ROI) for your graphic projects.

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