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May- Why Sponsor AutomatedBuildings?

automatedbuildings is a virtual library for the BAS industry

As an industry, we must work together to simplify our message as we navigate the changing world. People need to know who we are, what we do, and what resources we can offer. By adopting a unified approach, we can streamline our communication, increase our impact, and provide a clearer understanding of the industry’s contributions to society.

We are the industry that provides the physical connection to Building Systems using operational technology, but we need to simplify our messaging.

Our inherent value will become evident if we approach this evolving world as a united community. Our strength lies in our collective unity. Throughout history, we’ve often resembled disparate clans, each driven by self-interest, creating a cacophony of individual voices. But imagine if we harmonized into a powerful chorus that wields the transformative force of collective action, inspiring positive change.

This is our goal.

Our current sponsors provide a rich tapestry of insights, strategies, and innovations. The value to each sponsor or editor is in how much information they share and how well they explain their portion of our industry. Other sponsors support by buying sponsorship to keep our independent library of resources open.

Most of our contributing editors have become incredibly busy and started extremely insightful social media discussions. We have reversed the process and linked their presence to their social media posts.

Bill Lydon
Brian CollinsGreg Fitzpatrick - Contributing Editor Automatedbuildings.comPaul Ehrlich - Contributing Editor AutomatedBuildings
Audrey Wang Gosselin US Product Marketing Manager Commercial Building Automation at ABB.Toby Considine Contributing editor at
Lauren ScottAntoSudha Jamthe
James McHaleDavid SiarrinaTherese Sullivan
Brad WhiteKen Sinclair
Scott CochraneJames Carlini Contributing Editor
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Built on twenty-five years of industry-generated articles, events and resources

AutomatedBuildings is an online library of information assembled by the industry for our industry with the posts are only days old.