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Manny Mandrusiak is not a stranger to He wrote regular columns on marketing techniques and the introduction of new technologies to the BAS space. He took a break recently to focus on establishing a computer training company (Vancouver Island Works Project) and a digital marketing company (Lime Tree Media). It is through Lime Tree Media that he finds him self working with the Industrial Management Services company Dexcent. Manny and his team have become the marketing arm for Dexcent and has just created the Industrial DataOPS division of Dexcent called Dexcent IDS, and the Dexcent Asset Performance Management Program. Manny is a Business Developer at heart and is passionate about helping people achieve their goals using a philosophy of “People, Processes, and Technology”. Improving collaboration and communication strengthens all three of these things and helps build community, and a strong community means a brighter future for all of us.