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It’s all about Collaboration + My Past articles.

Rockwell Automation

15 years of working together!

I was recently talking with editor Ken Sinclair about coming back on as a contributor for Automatedbuildings, and that led us to take a little stroll down memory lane about our history.

I first met Ken back in 2007 when I was the MatrikonOPC Marketing Manager (Acquired by Honeywell), and I was just a newly trained marketer who had just left the Canadian Army after 17 years of overseas missions.  MatrikonOPC had a horrible history in the BAS vertical, so I took it upon myself to start making friends and seeing what kind of synergies existed between MatrikonOPC and the industries in the BAS vertical.

I found a group of very forward-thinking people who were inclined to accept new ideas and technologies, and they graciously accepted this brush-cut-wearing individual into their fold.  I have to say that Ken was instrumental in my education, as was Anto Budiadjio, Toby Considine, and Andy McMillan.

Anto was the uncle who always allowed me to go to the party and was gracious enough to educate me in the ways of the BAS industry, while Toby and Andy were my older brothers with whom I always competed for higher readership.  Overall, it was a family, and Ken was not only my mentor but a father figure.  He was always gracious with advice and did not spare the rod when I went a little too far out of my own lane.  I owe him a lot, and I am continually thankful for the opportunity to be welcome in such great company.

I took a little sabbatical away from writing as I had one company going, the Vancouver Island Works Project, and was busy getting back to my digital marketing roots in creating Lime Tree Media.  Both companies are extremely focused on bringing people in touch with technology so that they may do more amazing things. 

Lime Tree Media led me back to my Industrial Automation roots with a contract from Dexcent to create for them an Industrial DataOps division and an Asset Performance Management Program. This contract led me to partner up with another former Matrikon/Honeywell employee Andrew Capper.

Andrew is now a VP at Dexcent and responsible for 2/3rds of the companies’ growth. Being his marketing arm, I started to think about how DataOps practices could benefit the BAS space.  I know from reading Ken’s columns in AB that building electrification is a huge topic in the BAS space, and globally all countries are doing what they can to get as close to Net Zero as they can.

Dexcent IDS’ APM Manager Peter brought to my attention that “ A pump is a pump is a pump”. I could see how the methodologies from Dexcent’s APM and DataOps programs could benefit the BAS space, so that is the focus of my writing for now.  I will admit that I am a Marketer/Business Developer at heart, so I am more than happy to create articles about the latest trends in marketing to assist individuals reading AB to help optimize their marketing and sales processes.

Here is a quick look at some of my past articles for AB:

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I am looking forward to contributing to the community in the following months.  As always, you can reach out to me at or

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Professional Information

Manny Mandrusiak

Manny Mandrusiak entered the field of sales and marketing after retiring from the Canadian Infantry in 2005. He was employed as the Sales and Marketing Manager for the Sherwood Park Chamber of Commerce, and then on to hold the position of Acting Executive Director.  Recruited by MatrikonOPC to head up marketing for their OPC line of products, Manny has been responsible for all aspects of marketing standards based software to various industry verticals.  Manny left MatrikonOPC to take a position with the OPC Foundation as Vice President of OPC Marketing and with PI North America as its Director of Technology Marketing. After a two-year career organizing and executing technology training events across North America for both organizations, Manny has chosen to return to his roots of sales and marketing by creating his own consulting company – 4 Bravo Marketing here in Victoria, BC. 4 Bravo Marketing’s success led to some larger business opportunities and he closed the business in 2016 to pursue a management opportunity in the technology educational field.

Manny has been consulting and providing business development for technology training companies in Victoria, BC since 2005, and his success for creating sales pipelines, and building solid educational teams, led to him becoming the Executive Director, and partner, in Q College and Q Academy.  Q College is a fully PTA accredited Technology College that produces web developers, digital marketers, graphic designers, and open source developers.  Q Academy is a training company that provides customized short term training solutions for corporate clients, second career clients, and individuals looking to improve their skills for career success.  He is presently a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant, Vancouver Island Works Project, Lifeworks! Consulting Inc, SISIP Rehab Services, and Accounts Manager, ideazone