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What is Bidtracer?

In the HVAC controls industry, Automated Buildings has been recognized as a leading source of information for years, and Bidtracer is honored and grateful to be a part of the team as our industry grows and evolves. We are excited and looking forward to engaging with the readers and the industry in 2024 as the journey continues.

The building construction industry is as old as humans have strived to fulfill Maslow’s basic hierarchy of needs, food, clothing, and shelter.  And as long as trade existed, there have been builders (aka contractors) in the business of construction and providing shelter.  The engagement of contractors in the building industry follows a cycle that starts with being invited to provide a price to do the work, a negotiation process, contract award, and doing the work.  Most of this work was done with paper and pencil and eventually on Excel spreadsheets and Word Documents.

SaaS for Construction is born:

Bidtracer was started about 18 years ago, to provide the construction industry with a cloud-based SAAS platform, that’s connected live to multiple products manufacturers, providing pricing, product data sheets, etc.  Bidtracer serves manufacturers, consulting engineers, contractors, integrators, and service companies across the full building life cycle (design, construction & service). It has channel management, estimating (CPQ), business development/sales (CRM) and project management (PM) capabilities using mobile and web platforms.

Dual-Purpose for Manufacturers:

Bidtracer is a dual-purpose tool that comprises:

Sales and operations tool for contractors and integrators; 

Channel management tool for product manufacturers.

Contractors and Integrators:

Bidtracer is a software for estimating projects, service agreements and repairs, connecting live to hundreds of product brands and customizable for different labor rates, and tax scenarios. It comprises multiple modules for bid management, proposal generation and document sharing with subcontractors and customers.

The CRM module is designed specifically for the construction industry; capable of auto sales follow up, tracking opportunities and reporting and analytics tools to improve win rates.

The Project Management module manages day to day operations including RFI & Change Orders Management, Billing, Validation and Closeout including Warranty Execution.

The Engineering module was designed specifically for HVAC, Mechanical, and Controls industry contractors, enabling Engineering with sequence of operations & wiring diagrams as a job is estimated.

Clients across the nation are integrating Engineering and Estimating 24/7

Product Manufacturers:

Multiple tools exist for the different channels, but most of the sales forecasting is managed via direct conversations with the channels through sales executives and regional channel managers. The data gathered during these conversations are typically consolidated and updated via static excel spreadsheets. Bidtracer automates and provides insight and analytics using our cloud-based software with just in time access for the latest information. 

For these manufacturers, Bidtracer is a channel management tool with live tiered pricing and product updates based on engagement level. It also provides visibility to the sales pipelines to drive factory demand forecasting. Providing deep insight into your distribution channels buying behavior, Bidtracer serves as a very effective sales and marketing tool.  

Secure Cloud-Based Engineering and Estimating, together in one solution:

With a secure cloud-based solution, coupled with desktop and mobile versions, we are bringing contractors the full strength of business operations in the palm of your hand.


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