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Give your CRM an Annual Performance Review

With the FYE here, the pros at Bidtracer are answering a lot of questions about effectiveness, pricing, and user experience. When contractors come to us, they are either using another CRM, don’t have one at all, or are using a mix of things like Excel and Project to deliver estimates. They’re looking for a CRM that was made for the construction industry, and that’s exactly what Bidtracer is.

The ones who have a current CRM often don’t have performance metrics on hand when we ask questions in return, such as which features their employees love or deem as daily necessities. They have only overheard challenges, and haven’t assessed which aspects of the software truly meet their needs as a team, and which ones are unnecessary as far as cost or function.

Your CRM does, after all, work for you. It has goals and functions it has to complete every day. And your other employees may be avoiding working with it. Hold this assessment to see if your CRM is the employee that needs to be replaced, and what you should be looking for in a high quality CRM candidate:

  • Can your CRM be accessed from any device, anywhere with internet access?
  • Is it easy to train new users? Could a new user get started the same day?
  • Is your CRM always accurate in real time, with processes in place for regular data cleaning and validation?
  • How well (and how fast) does your CRM handle data retrieval?
  • Does it collect both project and client data for reporting?
  • Does your CRM provide tools such as project management, accounting, client communication, bidding, price lists, takeoffs, and reporting all in one?
  • Can new information be added quickly and easily by any user?
  • How strong are reporting and analytics features? Could you get down to finding savings on each piece and part with live manufacturer price lists?
  • How effectively does it manage customer interactions and track communication history?
  • How does it support personalized customer service?
  • Is your CRM cost-effective in relation to its utilized features?
  • Are there frequent hidden costs like training or upgrades?
  • Does your CRM automate routine tasks and workflows?
  • How much time and effort does it save for your team?
  • What are the areas where automation needs to improve, specifically project management, estimating and engineering?
  • Does your CRM or current process of storing client financial and contract information meet data security and privacy regulation standards? (hint – server-accessible spreadsheets do not)
  • How well does your CRM protect sensitive customer information?
  • Do you receive same-day, proactive technical support when needed?
  • Is there a live chat available for users?
  • How are customization issues and data bugs handled?
  • What are your top performers saying about your current CRM or estimating process?
  • What ended up on their wishlist when you asked about dream features?

After you complete this assessment of your current CRM, contact Bidtracer to get a demo on every feature you read above – from lightning fast access to hundreds of manufacturer price lists to same day setup of new users. The demo is fast and every aspect of your CRM needs can be assessed with a construction industry expert, something the other options just can’t get right. Use this outline to give your CRM the annual performance review it needs, and save time with Bidtracer.


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