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Monday Live June 24th, The key takeaways


Review and discussion of last week’s /IBcon in Tampa, with a special focus on the pre-con presentation ML and C4SB

TLDR: The key takeaways from the livestream are that the industry needs to embrace open standards and interoperability and that Linux-based Cloud-native open source technologies are the way forward

  • The speakers discussed that while automation is not the same as smart, it is an important part of smart buildings.
  • An article on Fast Company about the age of AI-optimized buildings was mentioned as an indicator of the growing importance of AI in smart buildings.
  • A report on AI for smart commercial buildings was mentioned. The report’s focus on tactical aspects and exclusion of construction, prop tech, and real estate management from its scope were discussed.
  • A key message from the live stream was that if data is invisible, AI doesn’t exist and automation does not equal smart.
  • It was highlighted that the concept of open and interoperable is something that many people have believed in for a long time and that Linux might be the new open standard for the industry.
  • The importance of attending conferences like the upcoming conference by the Linux Foundation in Utah to connect with young engineers who are interested in solving smart building problems was discussed.
  • The next steps for Monday Live! include developing a next phase for the prototype that was demonstrated and potentially creating an alpha deployment. They also plan to organize sessions for their August conference in Orlando.

Monday Live! is an open ecosystem of contributors who exchange information, ideas, approaches, and best practices that help buildings advance to be smarter and enhance their value.

C4SB advocates for a Linux-based, cloud-native open tech stack for smarter buildings, following principles for open-source, multi-system digital solutions developed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and the Linux Foundation

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