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When Data is Invisible to AI, Smart Buildings Do not Exist

In this live session, C4SB explores how existing IT standards can be utilized to develop an enterprise data-access platform and marketplace that unlocks the immense untapped value of building data.

The Illusion of Smart Buildings Why have other industries successfully embraced smart digital transformation while commercial buildings, the world’s largest asset class, lag behind in achieving widespread adoption?

The Ideal Data Access Solution We understand the challenges surrounding data access, so what should an ideal solution encompass? Let’s envision the key features and capabilities such a solution should offer.

Introducing the IBB (Interoperable Building Box) The IBB is a revolutionary advancement in smarter building technologies. It’s essentially a box containing essential cloud-native technologies like Linux and Kubernetes, transforming into a compact on-premises data center within your building. Building on this core functionality, the IBB becomes a robust data orchestrator designed to connect data with the applications that can utilize it most effectively.

The Coalition for Smarter Buildings is actively working to break down the barriers hindering the widespread adoption of smarter building technologies. key focuses include:

  1. Standardization and Interoperability: C4SB advocates developing and adopting open standards and protocols that enable seamless communication and data exchange between building systems and devices. This promotes interoperability, making integrating new technologies easier and avoiding vendor lock-in.
  2. Data Access and Sharing: C4SB recognizes the immense value of building data and is working to create a secure and standardized framework for data access and sharing. This would allow building owners and operators to leverage data-driven insights for improved efficiency, optimization, and decision-making.
  3. Education and Awareness: C4SB is dedicated to raising awareness about the benefits of smarter building technologies and educating stakeholders on how to implement them effectively. They organize workshops, conferences, and webinars to share knowledge and best practices, fostering collaboration and innovation within the industry.
  4. Advocacy and Policy: C4SB actively engages with policymakers and regulatory bodies to advocate for policies supporting the development and deployment of smarter building technologies. This includes incentives for building owners to invest in smart solutions and regulations that promote energy efficiency and sustainability.
  5. Collaboration and Partnerships: C4SB fosters collaboration among industry stakeholders, including building owners, operators, technology providers, and policymakers. They aim to create a unified approach to overcoming the barriers to smarter building adoption by bringing diverse perspectives and expertise.

Through these efforts, C4SB plays a crucial role in driving the transformation of the built environment towards a more sustainable, efficient, and intelligent future. It also emphasizes the need for interoperability and discusses the challenges in achieving truly smart buildings.

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Today’s buildings have siloed, walled gardens of management systems that lock up all their data and lock in owners’ choices.

You can’t run AI on your real estate because AI can’t see all the data. Your tenants’ experience can’t get order-of-magnitude better because everything they need access to can’t be brought together. Your operations can’t get more efficient across the board because you can’t see across your whole portfolio.

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