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“The Talent Gap”

During the Smart Building Integrator Summit at Realcomm Events #Ibcon General Manager, Brian Oswald moderated a panel including Lewis Martin, LMC, Russ Holton, Bedrock Detroit, Brian Turner, Buildings IOT, and Kerri Lee Sinclair, AutomatedBuildings, on the hot topic of “The Talent Gap”.

From LinkedIn post

We all know the industry is experiencing a talent shortage, so how do we get great candidates? How do we keep them? Where do we find them?

Answers to these questions and more were discussed from various points of view with key agreements on:

1️⃣ Find curious people, they get the best answers.

2️⃣ Compensation research is important. Make sure you’re competitive in the market and location you’re in.

3️⃣ Work life balance will retain talent. They will perform for you if you perform for them.

4️⃣ Invest in the new talent coming in. Reach out to universities, military, and other resources to find a funnel for new candidates that might not check every box, but check a majority.

5️⃣The BAS industry as a whole leaves room for improvement on marketing the industry to others, especially to the new talent coming in.

Great job to the panelists and thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights on how we can tackle this problem in the smart building space.

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