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Control Solutions ValuPoint IoT Edge Server

ValuPoint IoT Edge Server

Control Solutions has introduced two new products in its ValuPoint family, the VP6-1460 IoT Edge Server for Modbus, and VP6-1470 IoT Edge Server for BACnet.

Smart I/O and MQTT Gateway

Control Solutions’ ValuPoint VP6-1460 and VP6-1470 connect physical I/O (e.g. sensors) to the Internet. In addition, the VP6-1460 turns any Modbus device into a Thing on the Internet of Things while the VP6-1470 turns any BACnet device into a Thing on the Internet of Things.

The ValuPoint, while continuously monitoring locally connected sensors, will also continuously poll remote devices connected via Modbus or BACnet. The VP6-1460 will poll one or more Modbus RTU and/or Modbus TCP devices, collecting data from the list of registers you provide. The VP6-1470 will poll one or more BACnet MS/TP and/or BACnet IP devices, collecting data from the list of objects you provide.

Based on rules you create, the VP6-1460/1470 will decide if and when to publish that data to the MQTT broker (server). You can also configure the ValuPoint MQTT client to subscribe to data coming from the MQTT broker, which you can then write out to connected devices to manage setpoints and the like.

ThingsBoard Support

The ValuPoint MQTT client includes support for ThingsBoard’s unique MQTT API that allows you to connect your Modbus or BACnet objects to dashboard widgets such as gauges, knobs, buttons, and charts.

AWS IoT Support

The VP6-1460/1470 includes everything necessary to connect to Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT support using MQTT. Once the IoT connection is made, your BACnet or Modbus data can make its way to an AWS database, AWS notification services (e.g. email alerts, text messages), and a variety of analytics tools including QuickSight which makes it quite easy to quickly graph your data.

Mosquitto MQTT Support

The ValuPoint MQTT client works well with the widely used open source community supported Mosquitto MQTT broker. Simply turn off features unique to ThingsBoard or AWS IoT when using Mosquitto MQTT.

Cloud Not Required!

The ValuPoint IoT Edge Server is also suitable for stand-alone remote monitoring use. The ValuPoint includes alarm monitoring with email notifications using its internal secure email client, local data logging with CSV files emailed to you instead of sending data to the cloud, and a real time scheduler for date and time scheduling.

Feature Highlights
• MQTT Client supports AWS IoT Core, Mosquitto MQTT, ThingsBoard
• Simple template based setup of MQTT Publish and Subscribe
• 12 Analog/universal inputs, software selectable types
• 2 Discrete outputs
• BACnet IP to MS/TP Router and Gateway (VP6-1470)
• BACnet Client and Server (VP6-1470)
• Modbus RTU Master or Slave (VP6-1460)
• Modbus TCP Client and Server (VP6-1460)
• Secure local email client
• Local data logging
• Real time scheduler
• User HTML support for adding custom web pages
• Configure via secure web pages
• FCC, CE Mark, UL 916 Listed

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