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What is UDMI? Google Universal data management interface

A universal data management interface (UDMI) system includes a processing system generates a visual interface through which a user can access, manage, and manipulate data on plural different types of remote databases. The UDMI connects to multiple standard database management systems and to allow multiple users to access, manage, and manipulate data within each of the multiple standard database management systems. The UDMI also allows multiple virtual databases that reside in a single database to be available as a network service.

Who owns it? It is a Google Patent Filed Aug. 12, 2002.

Why do we care? Started here

Google: An Enterprise’s Approach to Digital Buildings
December 3, 2020 | Sabine Lam, REWS Technology Program Manager, Google

 Device Management: Provisioning and ongoing operation of devices as a secured asset. An example of this is the open-source UDMI device-to-cloud specification.

Evolved to this. Read the LinkedIn posts

Is anybody using it? This LinkedIn post, UDMI Summit 2024

We hosted a global collaboration of like minded individuals from a variety of organisations from across the globe to meet to define an open protocol for Digital Buildings, this is vital to prevent manufacturer / supplier lock-in and to ensure best in class performance for Cloud Connected Digital Buildings.

We’re grateful to all participants in the recent hashtag#Vancouver hashtag#UDMI Summit, who brought a wealth of expertise from around the world. We explored the status & roadmap of hashtag#BOS & hashtag#UDMI, seeking valuable insight around building automation and the security of a digital building’s data. Feedback and collaboration is vital as we foster constructive discussions together!

In my previous life before AutomatedBuilding, I was an energy automation consultant and grew up with Delta using their products Local History of Building our DDC Industry  Several British Columbia start-ups that are now highly successful international companies owe their start to a team of visionaries, who were focused and were resolved to get high-performance controls in BC. While watching them Build on BACnet

This strong support of BACnet makes me wonder if they are on the same journey with UDMI

Have you heard of The Digital Buildings Council (DBC) held its inaugural AGM yesterday where it agreed its constitution, which is the first step to formalising its not-for-profit legal structure and governance. 

Lots going on here. Jump in with your views on this post. Let us all explore these new old acronyms.

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