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Articles - April 2020
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COVID 19 and the BAS Systems Integrators HVAC/electrical tradesmen are essential according to the federal guidelines that many states are following.  Which means we as an industry are allowed to operate during these uncertain times. - Scott Cochrane, President, CEO, Cochrane Supply & Engineering

What does Yoga have to do with building systems?  Unlike Yoga masters, buildings systems are inflexible, yet building conditions are highly dynamic. - Phillip Kopp, CEO, Conectric Networks

Removing the Umbilical Cord between Controllers and Sensors  This is only possible by removing the logic from the logic controllers and putting it into standard software running on edge computing. And that is only possible by removing the umbilical cord between controllers and sensors, the wires that restrict them from taking more and better inputs. - Phillip Kopp, CEO, Conectric Network

COVID-19 Lockdown Leaves Empty Smart Buildings to Ponder Their Failings While we can excuse the technology for being as unprepared as the humans who made it, this strange reality we find ourselves living in poses a new challenge for the smart building industry to adapt its intelligence to. -  James McHale, Managing Director, Memoori

View from America:  exploiting the sun's potential to save energy with KNX - Philip R. Juneau, Chief Commercial Officer, Automated Technology Company (ATC)

COVID-19, the World's Biggest Remote Working Experiment is Underway   The World's Biggest Remote Working Experiment is Underway - First and foremost, for this to be "a great reset" for "long-overdue work flexibility," this single global experiment has to be a success.  -  James McHale, Managing Director, Memoori

Talking Today's Tools in the UK  These tools will transcend BMS and Analytics platforms incorporating the best elements of other industry platforms and provide System Integrators and end-users with levels of flexibility, power and visibility that the industry will ultimately come to see as an expectation. - Dave Lapsley, Managing Director, Econowise Group of Companies

Two Protocols are Better Than NONE  The feedback was important enough that I thought I should publish a revision of the article, sharing what I learned. Thanks to those in the BACnet community and LinkedIn groups who have responded to the original article.  - Steve Jones, Managing Partner, The S4 Group, Inc

Instructions for Effortless, Successful System Integration  There are numerous communication gaps in the implementation of building technology projects and their automation. - Dipl.-Ing. Hans R. Kranz & Dr. Rupert Fritzenwallner

What is an HMI, and why do we need it in the BMS? Regardless of the type, the goal is always the same: to provide the User with an insight into the operation of the system or machine.  -  Monika Musielak, Product Manager, Global Control 5

The Rising Remote Workforce   The exponential demand for Future-Ready Facilities. - Nicolas Waern, "The Building Whisperer"

Hiring (and Layoffs) in the Age of Pandemics  While this is the first pandemic, chances are it may not be the last. Managing your workforce has always been a challenge; now, it will become an even greater one. - Skip Freeman, BASI Solutions, Inc.

Reliable Controls Columns - April 2020

Building Automation: What Does Open Mean?  The word "open" means different things to different people, and the word’s meaning is defined by the audience and its interests. -  Ken Sinclair Facilitesnet

Talking Today's Tools  It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, it is the one that is most adaptable to change. - Ken Sinclair/contractormag

Wake up to Wireless Ways  Wireless network ways provide a future-proofed, AI-driven self-discovery schema. - Ken Sinclair/contractormag

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