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Articles - February 2020
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Are Existing Companies Built to Die?  This article is about the importance of understanding how and if businesses can capitalize on all the shiny new tech that exists in the market. And how the embryo of a re-born connected strategy might look like. If you are worried that new technology isn’t delivering as expected, and wondering why that is so? Then this might be something for you. - Nicolas Waern "The Building Whisperer"

Born Connected? It is our job or perhaps in many cases vocation to provide ‘connected’, ‘open’ systems that in turn will allow us to ‘connect’ with decision makers and ‘open’ their minds. - Dave Lapsley, Managing Director Econowise Group of Companies

Hybrid Deep Learning Promises to Better Predict Building Energy Consumption - James McHale, Managing Director, Memoori

Why You Should Hire Women  And how to get started - Monica McMahen, Director of Marketing, Optigo Networks

The Dire BAS Labor Shortage It’s going to take all of us, working together, to solve the problem. - Skip Freeman, Senior Technical Recruiter, BASI Solutions, Inc.

Is Your Building Ventilated Like It's 1978? Why would you care? - Tom Kolsun, Strategic Accounts Manager, Aircuity, Inc.

An Updated Overview of the Open Source VOLTTRON Platform  and the Growing Eclipse VOLTTRON™ Ecosystem - Andrew Rodgers, ACE IoT Solutions and Frédéric Desbiens, Eclipse Foundation

“OPEN” Means Different Things to Different People  The word’s meaning is defined by the audience and its interests. - Zach Netsov, Product Specialist, Contemporary Controls

Planning for The BAS IP Revolution  THE END HAS COME!?  ....For RS485...... For Building Automation Systems....... - Scott Cochrane, President and CEO, Cochrane Supply & Engineering

Preview of New Deal Cybersecurity Summit  AHR Expo 2020, Orlando, FL, February 4/20 - Anto Budiardjo, New Deal for Buildings

View from America: the first KNX intelligent commercial building in the USA - Philip R. Juneau, ATC.

Smart Workplace and the Power of Location  How Wayfinding and Location Data Influence the Smart Campus Workplace Experience - Leon Papkoff, CEO & Chief Strategist,The CXApp

Is a Small Size Building Worth a BMS?  But while some buildings were unable to have a BMS implemented back in the day, maybe it is the right time for a retrofit? -  Pawel Szarmanski, Product Manager, Global Control 5

contemporary Columns - February 2020

Cybersecurity in Building Automation, Power Systems, and Energy Management for a New Decade - Toby Considine, TC9 Inc

Open Your Mind, Get Out of Your Head  Step away from your hectic life. Open your mind, and to put it simply, get out of your head.  - Ken Sinclair, AutomatedBuildings

Born Again Connected  Perception of our reality is everything. We need a method to disconnect from our perceptions and imagine ourselves "Born Again Connected.”  - Ken Sinclair, AutomatedBuildlngs

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