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Our interview section allows busy industry leaders to quickly provide insight into rapidly evolving industry issues. If you have subject matter or industry issues you would like insight into or would like to be interviews yourself contact us.

Water Leak Detection - April 2003

Cam Rogers, RLE Technologies

Its ease of installation is ideal for both retrofits as well as new builds.

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Anto BudiardjoBuilConn™ 2003 Update - April 2003

Anto Budiardjo, Clasma, Inc.

The enthusiasm of our Advisory and Content Board has been phenomenal and the eagerness of the presenters has been very encouraging.

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Dr. Kevin KleinMotorola announces advances to the popular MPC500 family - April 2003

Dr. Kevin Klein, Motorola, Inc.

As the trend continues toward automated commercial building environments, the applications become more complex, and the building manager increasingly needs real-time information to diagnose and remedy problems. 

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Common pitfalls in implementing Web Gateways in Buildings - March 2003Jack Chadowitz

Jack Chadowitz, President, BostonBase Inc  .

Jack Chadowitz has been involved since 1994 in the design and marketing of Internet based monitoring and control systems.

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Rob Kapinos, Senior Design Engineer, ACI An Enthalpy Sensor that works with Economizers - March 2003

Rob Kapinos, Senior Design Engineer, ACI 

Humidity and Enthalpy can both be used to determine when you can use the Outdoor Air as your first stage of cooling, thus reducing the overall amount of mechanical cooling or dehumidification that is needed. 

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