Articles - September/ October  2003
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Articles - October 2003
Our authors provide insight into our rapidly evolving industry.
 Please take the time to read their valuable articles.

Ending the Blackout Blues  We need (REALLY need) to improve the way our industry delivers more advanced technologies to our building construction projects. Thomas Hartman, P.E., The Hartman Company

Energy and Wireless Internet …what's the connection?  Wireless Internet is yet one more tool to use in the continual evolution toward Real-time Energy Management. John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, CEM, Energy Control Inc.

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UL 864 Recognized Ethernet Switch   A Requirement of Life Safety Systems Debra Biela, Contemporary Controls, Marketing Communications Specialist

Present versus Future  In other words, facilities management teams will be able to interface with automated building control systems and asset management software, regardless of their location. Paul Ziek, PMP, Savant Services Corp.

Going Global  We are all Going Global in a mind-expanding journey that will result in the cross-pollination of building intelligence for the world.  Ken Sinclair,

Articles - September 2003

Protocol war yields to productive peace  Ironically by narrowing the choice of control protocols the industry can now invest more in well understood, and supported systems that are easy to specify, install, integrate and modify. Peter Manolescue, securityXML Ltd.

Emerging Business Opportunities for Facility Management and Service Providers  Just think of intelligent homes, security/surveillance and health care over Internet. Not to mention the web based supervision and control of HVAC in buildings. Robert Holmström, Botech AB

Protection during Electrical Outages; Power Quality Everyday  Electrical Power Quality changes hourly, these changes affect nearly every system's reliability in your facility and the bottom line of your business.  Ramon Esparolini, RayMark Engineering

What the Heck Hardware do I Use for Auditing?  "What type of hardware is recommended for running an audit?" This article works towards explaining the available hardware options and to answer this question.  Bill Shadish, Fundamental Objects, Inc.

Cityport  Tridium Drives Successful Multi-bus Integration at ABB's Intelligent HQ  Case Study  John Houston, Wildwood Public Relations Ltd

Documenting our Changing World  Our ability to assemble and document the information we are about to change, as well as documenting how we changed it, is cardinal to our successful transition.  Ken Sinclair,

Past Favorites 

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Thomas Hartman  Ending the Blackout Blues

Peter Manolescue, securityXML Ltd.  Protocol war yields to productive peace
John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, Energy Control Inc. Internet-based Energy and Security
Ken Sinclair, XML Spells Connection to the Future
Gary Bark, Plexus Technology Limited Key Criteria for Selecting Building Controls Web Servers 
Thomas Hartman, P.E. The Hartman Company "IT" Could be the Start of Something Big
Leonard A. Damiano, V.P. Sales & Marketing, Ebtron, Inc  Ventilation Codes 
Ken Sinclair,
Tom Hartman, The Hartman Company  Controlling Convergence
Ken Sinclair,  It is Time to Upgrade your DDC System
John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, CEM Energy Control Inc Web-Based Automation
January 2003
David S. Dougan, President & Leonard A. Damiano, V.P. Sales & Marketing, Ebtron, Inc.  ASHRAE STANDARD 62 Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality Analysis and Recommendations
John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, CEM  A "Black Box" 
Thomas Zaban, P.Eng., VP Marketing, Reliable Controls  BACnet - A Marketing Perspective
John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, CEM, Energy Control Inc. Real-time Energy Dashboard™ 
Ken Sinclair,
Industry Focus Shifts to Web Convergence
Steve Tom, PE, PhD, Director Technical Information, Automated Logic Corporation  Web Accessible Control Systems - Lessons Learned
Jonathan Buckley  VP, Marketing & Business Development & Jay H. Hartley, Ph.D. Senior Software Engineer, Netbrowser Communications Your Building Management System May Be Compromising Your Company's Security

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