August 2004
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TAC ProjectBuilder™ Automated Drawing Program Simplifies the Design Process

Engineering tool Designs TAC LonWorks®-based Building Management Systems

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DALLAS – TAC, a world leader in Open Systems for Building IT®, security systems and energy solutions, announces the release of TAC ProjectBuilder automated drawing program, an engineering tool for use with TAC Vista®, a LonWorks®-based building management software.

Created specifically for designing a building automation system (BAS), TAC ProjectBuilder uses predefined stencils and shapes to create a drawing interface recognized by most engineers. The software reduces engineering time, decreases errors, and aids in the production of standardized project drawings for TAC Vista installations.

TAC ProjectBuilder uses the familiarity and simplicity of Microsoft Excel® to populate one or more controller configuration sheets that depict the input and output points of a selected controller. Upon completion of a sheet, engineers can automatically generate a Microsoft Visio® 2002 submittal drawing including point-to-point termination drawings and comprehensive termination detail diagrams.

TAC ProjectBuilder automatically creates a rollup bill-of-materials list and allows engineers to choose from over 18,000 parts in the database. The software also lets users add their own parts to the database, to create a custom ordering program. In addition, when parts are linked, the software allows changes made to one part to automatically update all other linked parts.

TAC Vista combines environmental controls with facility and energy management features into a single, seamlessly interoperable solution. Using a modular, client/server design, TAC Vista can easily be scaled to accommodate the user’s needs, regardless of the building’s size, the number of buildings, or how many miles separate them.

According to Lonnie Laue, director of marketing for TAC Americas, TAC Vista can manage multi-campus office parks, district-wide school systems, massive medical complexes and any other multi-building facility just as efficiently and cost-effectively as it can handle a single building.

About TAC
TAC helps people feel and function better, as a direct result of improved indoor climate. This is made possible by TAC's concept of Open Systems for Building IT®, which utilizes information technology to provide clients with advantages such as indoor climate optimization, energy savings, flexibility, security, reduced expenses and user-friendly operation.  For more information visit

TAC is owned by Schneider Electric, the world's leading specialist in power and control. TAC has subsidiary companies and partners in more than 70 countries throughout the world. The company has nearly 2,000 employees and generated revenues of approximately SEK 3 billion (USD 400 million) in 2003. Corporate headquarters and European business activities operate out of Malmö, Sweden. Regional headquarters for the Americas is located in Dallas and for the Asia-Pacific market, in Sydney, Australia.


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