Press Release - September 2003
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Belimo's Characterized Control Valve™ Provides Full Control Resolution with Multi-Function Technology®

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Belimo Aircontrols' (USA) extremely popular Characterized Control Valve™ (CCV) is sure to win top honors now that it uses Multi-Function Technology® (MFT) to offer full control resolution. With the increased control capability of MFT and an expanded size range, the CCV is a reliable and less expensive alternative to globe valves in many HVAC applications.

Characterized Control Valve™ (CCV)What MFT® Does for the CCV 
Belimo surpassed the capability and accuracy of any ball-type valve on the market with the original introduction of the CCV. Now, with MFT, the CCV is more precise than ever before. Here's why: For most ball-type valves, flow typically starts at about 15º and reaches maximum at 85º. However, with MFT the actuator is electronically adapted to the precise opening and closing points of the CCV so that the full 2-10V control resolution is used. The result is a linear energy output and much more stable control. Contrast this with the typical unstable control pattern of the typical ball valve and the choice is simple.

New Sizes and Two New Actuators 
Popular from the beginning, and now proven in countless applications, the new CCV is now available in more sizes, starting at ½" to 3" with Cv values of 0.3 up to 265. Flanged sizes are available from 2-½" to 3" with Cv values up to 265.

The following new actuators have also been developed for CCV motorized control:

The new CCV combines two of the best technological breakthroughs in Belimo history: Characterized Control and Multi-Function technology-both of which were immediately popular with engineers and contractors alike. Now available in one unique valve assembly, the CCV is sure to be equally popular among those who strive for smarter, more accurate control.

Belimo Aircontrols (USA), Inc., the pioneer of direct-coupled damper actuators specializes in damper actuator and control valve technology for the HVAC industry. For over 25 years, Belimo has provided innovative control solutions to customers throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America, all of which are backed by Belimo's unsurpassed 5-year warranty. For more information visit the website at

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