August 2020

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A Year of Innovation

I have been impressed by many of the forward-thinking companies who are changing the way that we work, live and play. I like the Remix

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If I were to sum up the world of Industrial Automation in one word this year, I would say that it would be “innovative.”  Innovation has always been a driving force for the industry, but this year in particular, I have been impressed by many of the forward-thinking companies who are changing the way that we work, live and play.

I recently read an article on SightsIn Plus ( that talks about Siemens letting employees “work from anywhere” permanently.  I’ve always been a big fan of the “lead from the front” attitude that Siemens has had over the years, but I am truly impressed with their latest leadership decision.

According to the article, this decision will affect 140,000 employees at around 125 locations in 43 countries.  Those are some impressive numbers, and the policy clearly demonstrates Siemens commitment to the safety of its employees and forward-facing leadership during uncertain times.

If the past few months have taught us nothing, it is that we truly are a global community and boarders are becoming less and less important when looking at how companies will continue to evolve their processes to ensure productivity and safety of employees.

Control Solutions, Inc Home is where my Internet Connection is

Over the past months, I have seen that traditional office space is becoming a thing of the past.  Co-working spaces are on the rise due to the flexibility of payment options.

The building that my office was in got sold and we found ourselves looking for a new home, but when we started looking, we found that prices for space were at a premium.  As a company we deal with many individuals who have disabilities due to military service or on-the-job accidents.  We needed an elevator or open access for someone in a wheelchair/walking assistance device.  We found that the higher we got in elevation for office space, the higher the cost was.

My wife decided that we should try something new and relate our working space to the modular solutions that we use for training.  She suggested that we only pay for what we need, when we need it.  With that thought we discovered Spaces co-working space (a part of the Regus group).

The co-working concept is nothing new, but it was new to us and it rocks.  For as little as $400.00 per month a small company can get the use of over 7000 square feet of co-working space, and pay-to-play meeting rooms with all the technology needed to conduct business.

rent a classroomWe have the ability to rent a classroom to facilitate our training needs with none of the costs of insurance, internet, or administrative staff.  The facility is neat, clean, and modern.  If we need more space to conduct business, it is a flawless process to get what is needed for a short a period as one hour.

The membership with the Regus Group also gives us access to all Regus facilities globally.  All we have to do is present our membership number and we have working space complete with administrative support, internet, and all the coffee that I can drink. (Believe me I get my money’s worth on that one).

The other benefit to the co-working concept is that we have got to meet some amazing people and companies.  Everyone is looking to run their business with a “green” edge and with as low cost as possible.  The energy is infectious and I find that I feel extremely pumped about doing business when I am at the office, and my clients have seen the benefits of the extra energy.

As devastating as the current pandemic is around the world, I always try to look at the positive side.  Innovation and community are becoming huge factors in how businesses are evolving, and I am always impressed with the innovation that I see in other countries.

Personally, I see my computer as being a portal to other professionals who are all looking to redefine how they balance work, rest and play. We are no longer defined by the country that we live in; I think that we are only defined now by the innovative things that we do.


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