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Business Optimization for AHR

It’s not enough to get your tradeshow booth ready if your website isn’t.

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With the coming of 2018 comes another AHR tradeshow, and with it, the opportunity to gain new customers.  As the world of the web continues to evolve and transform, so is the need to continually tweak and optimize your corporate website so that it can be more easily found.

Thousands of people will be attending the AHR Expo and get inundated with all sorts of messages through a variety of different methods.  AI is going to be a big factor for marketers in 2018.  As platforms get smarter and smarter, gone will be the days of mass influencing groups, and what will rise in 2018 are small groups of targeted influencers.

The question that arises is “How do marketers begin to prepare for these AI moments and bots”?

Here are my top picks for optimizing websites for the AHR Expo to gain more business:

  1. Site Crawl- Ask yourself this question” Is your site showing up in search results both locally and nationally”?  Marketers need to continually use specialized SEO tools to understand where they rank, and that they are ranking on the platforms where their customers will find them.
  1. Optimize Google My Business- Is your site visible on Google Maps?  Are you wasting money with PPC because you are not tuned-up for your Google My Business page?
  1. Learn the importance of Reviews for your Business- You know that you need reviews for your business to aid in business success, but how do you get them?  You need someone to create an email template that provides a one-click option to review your business.  The template should include one-click options for leaving reviews on social media platforms like Yelp, Google, Facebook, and Trip Advisor.
  1. Reviewing Citation Campaigns- Citations boost your Google ranking. According to Simon Fraser University, a citation is: A citation is a reference to a source. The citation gives a concise description of the book, article, web page, etc., and includes the author, title, name of periodical and volume (for articles), publisher, date, and other identifying information. For help finding an article from a citation, see From Citation to Article. There is a need to constantly map and update citations; as well as build new ones. Remember- Content is always King!!!
  1. contemporary Google Ad Word Campaigns- Not always my favorite as I prefer organic means, but when looking at the AHR Show, we need to look at the quickest way to show marketing campaigns to the most relevant customers at the show.  By setting up AdWords campaigns targeting your companies’ main keywords, you can maximize your online efficiency at the AHR show for around $300.00 per month.  Minimum run is three months, one month before the show, and two months after.
  1. Squeeze Page Development- To be effective with AdWords campaigns, you need to make sure that your site is ready.  People using AdWords campaigns will get the best results if traffic is sent to a purpose-built landing page (squeeze page).  These pages will include specifically tailored calls to action which convert more visitors into customers.  This strategy lowers the average cost of AdWords campaigns.
          1. On-Page Search Engine Optimization- On-page optimization is the backbone of every SEO ranking campaign. Before the page receives any SEO love, it needs a review first.  Is the message on target?  Take a look at your websites top 5 pages and optimize its’ text, media, titles, headlines and descriptions These changes are often enough to boost page ranking in SERPs.
These are my top seven picks for getting corporate website’s ready to accept new customers from the AHR Expo.  I wish everyone a great Expo.


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