June 2009


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June 2009

The Green Building Power Forum The Green Building Power Forum (GBPF) will be looking at several trends including dc power and distributed control standards for commercial buildings, wireless controls in low-voltage dc-powered infrastructures, and simplified power line carrier controls in dc-powered commercial buildings. Jeff Shepard, Founder of the Darnell Group

www.YoungEnergy.org Network  Smart Grid is an Enabler The smart grid is an enabler of intermittent resources and greater energy efficiency. I'm excited to participate in this transformative time in history. James Bickford, Co-founder, Valence Energy

www.YoungEnergy.org Network  Distributed PV generation and the smart grid  Photovoltaics (PV) needs the help of smart grid technologies to reach the market penetration levels required to be a major transformative player in moving the US into a clean, electricity-based economy.  Lon Huber, Energy Policy Associate, Arizona Research Institute for Solar Energy (AzRISE)

www.YoungEnergy.org Network  Key Pillars of a Third Industrial Revolution The five key pillars of a Third Industrial Revolution are aggressive energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy storage technologies, buildings as positive power plants and a smart grid that allows consumers to also be producers.  Drew Johnston, Policy Aide, Austin City Council

The Role of OPC in the New Generation of Building Automation  Initiatives such as Green Buildings, Smart Grid and others all reinforce the need for intelligent building solutions that integrate all building functions; environmental control, intrusion detection, access control, lighting and energy management. What role does OPC play in providing interoperability among these aspects?  Sean Leonard – VP Products, MatrikonOPC

Open Automated Demand Response  How can Automated Building vendors take advantage of OpenADR to automate their Smart Grid market participation?  Ed Koch, Co-Founder and CTO of Akuacom

OpenADR Collaborative  The goal of the Collaborative is to foster effective deployment of Dynamic Pricing, Demand Response and Grid Reliability by facilitating and accelerating the adoption of OpenADR. Olcay Ungun, Open ADR Collaborative Initiative

Annual Energy Efficiency Indicator Survey  A survey of North American decision makers who are responsible for managing, reviewing or monitoring energy use within their organizations. Clay Nesler, VP Global Energy and Sustainability for the Building Efficiency business of Johnson Controls

Using the Internet for Energy Management  The key challenge in building automation for our customers boils down to information management.  Dan Kubula, Vice President of Marketing, Site Controls

Interoperable Blues Band @ConnectivityWeek  The lineup is better than ever and the level of participation is expected to double from last year.  Leighton J. Wolffe, Vice President of Alliances and Strategy, Constellation NewEnergy

May 2009

Reinvention Convention Comes to Silicon Valley  Energy is likely to lead the next technological boom  Barry Haaser, Principal, Haaser Associates

www.YoungEnergy.org Network  Development of a Smart Grid I think the development of a smart grid that integrates energy efficiency and sustainable energy solutions seems like a no-brainer to people in my generation.  Brad White, MASc., EIT, Partner, SES Consulting

Creating an Interactive Grid-Aware Building  Buildings will never leave the comfort of their “energy island” mentality until each is connected over a standards-driven communication means (which could be the wired Internet or wireless carriers or a combination of both).  Michael R. Lavelle P.E., ENthEnergy LLC


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