May 2009

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May 2009

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Keynotes speakers connect us to IP World  Anto has lined up some IP world giants as his keynotes speakers; be sure to attend their presentations.

Reinventing Building Automation; my Track at  On June 9, 2009 I will be in Santa Clara California over seeing the presentation of several sessions on the reinvention of building automation.  Track Leader - Ken Sinclair Panel at ConnectivityWeek  The first YoungEnergy panel discussion is planned for ConnectivityWeek, June 8-11 in Santa Clara.

Invitation to Open Grid-Aware Building Collaborative Workshop  The Internet has set the standard for information delivery and connectivity. We need this same approach for the building automation industry.

Green Building Information Technology (IT)  The track called Converging IT and Energy to Create Green Buildings will be a very interesting balance of speakers from the IT space as well as thought leaders in the building area.

Invitation to the Open Automated Demand Response Collaborative Workshop  If you are involved in Demand Response and Dynamic Pricing, we would like to invite you to a workshop at the Connectivity Week Conference. 

BACnet IT: The next generation of BACnet - Workshop Session Overview

Review of articles and organization

Power to the People: 7 Ways to Fix the Grid, Now  Did you catch this article in Wired Magazine? A great explanation of smart grid concepts to the masses.

IP for Smart Objects (IPSO) Alliance Charter  There is a wide scope of areas where Smart Objects such as sensors for light, pressure, temperature, vibration, actuators, and other similar objects allow for a vast range of new applications: "smart cities", "smart grid", home and building automation, industrial applications, asset tracking, utility metering, etc.

Review of CIHE & HVAC 2009  The conference and seminars lasted for two days, thousands of people attended and expressed satisfaction.

April 2009

Letter from Jim Lee - Smart Grid Standards  This letter is published with permission from Jim Lee.  It is an excellent example of the leadership our industry can and is providing.

Some Thoughts on GridEcon 2009  This is the first conference to bring together practitioners in energy markets, business, policy, interoperation technologies, building automation, venture capital, and related areas.  William Cox, Cox Software Architects LLC

Stuff across my desk  As editor I read lots of stuff that doesn't fit into an article, interview, column, news release, or new product. A lot of it is interesting to my readers so I thought I would try presenting it in a review.



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