May 2016

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Hector Hernandez
Hector Hernandez,
CEO, Founder

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Control Solutions, Inc

Today many company owners are realizing that not changing the way their businesses operate can result in a significant loss of revenue. The combination of open protocols with the manufacturing of highly engineered products that require minimum programming, and new mobile technology has added a lot of pressure in many traditional businesses to remain competitive in the open market.
Welcome to CUBE Management Software

Why did we create CUBE?
CUBE was created by controls contractors for controls contractors. We identified the need of having a comprehensive tool that was specially designed for our industry to help contractors optimize and improve all aspects of business management.

Our platform will empower you to manage your business more efficiently by giving you all the information you need, wherever you are, around the clock. By enabling you to delegate responsibility without losing control, you can find the perfect work/life balance.

Why is CUBE different from other software?
Because we understand what you do and because we recognize the importance that solid engineering and estimating processes have in your business. Not only are these factors of the utmost importance, but without them anything else we do, whether it’s selling, project management, or service, becomes secondary to this process.  We find that most of the major software available in today’s market fails to capture the dynamics and complexity of a controls company.

This is what makes us different from the rest.  We offer features that are specially designed for controls contractors and that enable you to streamline these processes, saving you and your team valuable time.

So, what is CUBE?
We are a cloud-based, scalable, modular platform designed with you in mind.  Our software delivers a comprehensive solution that includes features such as CRM, Project Management, Service Management, and Purchasing with Controls Estimating and Engineering under a single umbrella.

This powerful and innovative tool gives you the ability to optimize and improve your business in every direction.  Think of CUBE as if you were selling BACnet Integration to a building owner in order to simplify his life, but instead, you are the business owner and CUBE is your BACnet platform.

How can CUBE help Controls Contractors save time and money?
To answer this question, let’s take our controls estimating module as an example.

Looking forward to seeing you
There are no silver bullets when it comes to optimizing your business. You will be required to implement different tactics such as revising your processes, taking advantage of the available mobile technology, training your employees, and adopting the appropriate software platform that can assist in this process.

In today’s world where there are so many companies that claim to do and provide the same, finding the right tool can not only be a difficult task but also a frustrating one.  What is the correct approach? Start by looking at the software made specifically for your industry.

To learn more about CUBE software and how we can help your business, visit our website or call us at (855)-928-2387.

About the Author

Hector Hernandez is the CEO and founder of CUBE-USA cloud based platform that enables optimization and improvement of all aspects of business management.

Hector arrived in the US from CUBA in a raft in 1994 at the age of twenty one.  He started his first business at the age of twenty six, and today his company has become one of the largest independent Energy Management contractors in the South Florida area.

For the last three years, he has been the driving force behind CUBE where he spends his time helping other companies improve their efficiency and potential.

“You know you are doing something great, when you touch others with your products.”

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