November 2010

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Social Networking

Can help you find a job in the Building Automation Industry

Teny Varghese
Teny E. Varghese

Building Automation Jobs

With the global recession in full blown mode the number of applicants for full time jobs and internships are increasing, but many employers are having trouble finding skilled workers in the building automation field.

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With thousands of job posting sites out there many employers are not sure where to post the jobs to find the right candidates and employees are not sure where to look in order to find the employers. Over the past couple years I have visited a lot of job websites to find a job or internship in the Building Automation Industry.  Since building automation is a very small sector of the job market it was very difficult to find a specific job in the industry.

While I was in college it was very difficult for me to find employers who would offer internships. I used to visit websites like Monster and CareerBuilder to look for job postings. I used to sign up to the job alerts so they can send me jobs related to building automation. Later I found out this was a bad idea, because these websites sent me job postings that are not relevant to my job search and some sites sold my e-mail to other website which send spam and clog my inbox.

I was looking for a way to bring together the people who work in the building automation industry so that we can effectively find jobs in our field and make it easier for the employers to find employees. That is when I turned to the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to create a community for the people who works in the building automation or HVAC control industry. Thus, was born.

Many forward thinking job-hunters and employers are using social networking in all sorts of creative ways to find employment and employees. The traditional way of finding an employee is by posting a job ad on popular sites like monster or CareerBuilder and hope that some one will stumble across the job posting and hopefully apply for the job.  When you use not only can you directly send the job post to the active job seekers in the building automation field, but you can also see how many people are looking for jobs in building automation field. Building automation gives a face to each job seeker, so the employers can access whether it is wise decision to post a job using

This is how the website works. Once you go to the website you will find a Facebook “Like” box in the website. The only thing you have to do is just click on the like button. By clicking the “like” button you will become a member of our group. Once you are a member we can send you the latest building automation jobs in sales, engineering, technicians, project manager or programmer jobs. Once you have found a job and do not need us to send you the latest job postings, just go back to the website and click unlike. There is no login or signup or hidden settings or any of that. It is very quick and easy to use.

If you are a twitter fan and don’t have a Facebook account you can follow us on twitter and we will send you the latest job postings as a tweet.  Facebook has over 500 million active users and twitter over 150 million active users  I believe that the best way to find a job or hire a person is by unleashing the power of social networking.  I believe that our Facebook community like building automation jobs can help you find a job or help you find an employee.   

About the Author
Teny E. Varghese is the founder of Student at Pennsylvania College of Technology enrolled in B.S. in Building automation Technology. Holds an A.A.S degree in Electrical Technology, A.A.S degree in Electromechanical Maintenance Technology. He worked as a summer Intern at Honeywell’s world headquarters as a field specialist (Building solutions).


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