November 2010

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November 2010

The OpenADR Alliance  We believe OpenADR will lower the cost, improve the reliability and accelerate the implementation of Auto-DR and Smart Grid worldwide.  Barry Haaser, Managing Director, OpenADR Alliance

ENERGY STAR  Obtaining ENERGY STAR certification has been shown to translate into a three percent premium in rental value and a sixteen percent increase in sale price for commercial buildings  Brian Dawson, Chairman and CEO of Calico Energy

October 2010

FieldServer Technologies expands product line with cost-effective Quick Server gateways FieldServer Technologies gateways are known for their ability to link many foreign and third-party devices to today’s modern BAS networks.  Richard Theron, National Sales Manager, FieldServer Technologies

Technology Contracting  Technology contracting reduces the cost of materials, overall project expenses and staffing costs. Jim Dagley, Vice President, Channel Marketing & Strategy, Johnson Controls

Bringing about “Customer Performance” Where do you see the interaction between the smart grid and customer engagement headed?  Peter C. Honebein, Ph.D., is co-founder of the Customer Performance Group

Update on Building Intelligence Quotient (BIQ)  The BIQ™ is also a learning tool, a teaching tool, a Building Intelligence information marketplace and design team collaboration tool. J. Christopher Larry Chairman of the BiQ Advisory Board

The lighting industry and lighting controls today  Our ControlScope platform is a software-based system that we provide to leading manufacturers in lighting and building controls, which allows them to easily bring to market complete wireless control systems that are open-standards, easy to use, and incredibly robust. Danny Yu, CEO of Daintree Networks

September 2010

eu.bac  eu.bac combines the collective potential of Europe’s home and building automation industry.  Jean-Yves Blanc, President of the eu.bac

Smart Grid Dictionary, 2nd Edition The 1st Edition had a comprehensive list of North American regulatory agencies, industry associations, and standards organizations, and the 2nd Edition includes European and Asian entities. Christine Hertzog, Managing Director, Smart Grid Library

Implementing Intelligent Building Solutions  Energy is the most expensive component of a building, manage it like an asset. Buildings run and operate in real-time; manage them in real-time. Marc Petock, Vice President, Global Marketing & Communications, Tridium, Inc.

Video Analytics Increase Building Intelligence  The IOS, unlike conventional room sensors, utilizes intelligent video analytics, which, besides being significantly more accurate, provide the ability to count the number of people within an area at any given time. This occupancy function allows building managers to very specifically determine how the space is supported by automated systems. Lyrtech, Inc. & ObjectVideo, Inc.


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