November 2010
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Articles - November 2010
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Control Solutions, Inc

Green Buildings and EZ Electricity  Enterprising minds are creating better opportunities for buildings to interact with the Smart Grid. John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, CEM Energy Control Inc.

Wireless Meters The Real Hotspot  Jim Sinopoli, PE, RCCD, LEED AP & Managing Principal Smart Buildings LLC

Connecting Building Automation to Everything In an ideal world, we will be able to be vendor and protocol independent. Everything will talk to everything. Nino Kurtalj, President, Elma Kurtalj Ltd

The Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PIC) & BACnet Interoperability Building Blocks  (BIBB)  Nirosha Munasinghe, Product Development Manager, Open General

BACnet in Public Administration Buildings
Lowering Energy Consumption While Maximizing Comfort Salvatore Cataldi,  ESAC
A Summary of Discussions Shaping the BAS Industry  Anto Budiardjo, Clasma Events

Collaboration Fuels Smart Grid Progress  Major Industry Players Get Behind ADR Alliance  Anto Budiardjo, Clasma Events

Social Networking
  Can help you find a job in the Building Automation Industry Teny E. Varghese,  Building Automation Jobs

Glenborough Takes Energy Efficiency Strategy to the Next Level with the Niagara Framework  It’s not always about the ‘money’ one commits into an operation; it’s how you bring other important stakeholders, such as your tenants and vendors, into energy conservation.  Carlos Santamaria, LEED AP Glenborough’s Director of Engineering

Columns - November 2010

Control System Upgrades  Determine your best path to a total system overhaul Steven R. Calabrese, Control Engineering Corp.

OPC UA Adoption Update 
No one is certain where technology trends in BAS will take us in 2011 but one thing is certain: OPC UA will be the protocol of choice in taking data from the field and making it useful information in the cloud.  Manny Mandrusiak, Vice President of OPC Marketing, OPC Foundation

Energy EffectivenessGetting Beyond Energy Efficiency  Andy McMillan, President and GM Philips Teletrol

Internal Sharing of Energy Information to Support Smart Grids  Every building, and every group of buildings, must become a microgrid. A microgrid is responsible for managing its energy use, generation, storage, and market operations. Toby Considine, T9

Networked Building Automation System (BAS)
  It is amazing how little we know about what really goes on in most buildings. 
Paul Ehrlich, Ira Goldschmidt & Angela Lewis  Building Intelligence Group

Articles - October 2010

Are There Too Many Choices For Wireless Building Systems?  Wireless technologies such as ZigBee, EnOcean, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, RFID, Insteon, Bluetooth, etc. are a snapshot Jim Sinopoli, PE, RCCD, LEED AP & Managing Principal Smart Buildings LLC

Protocol Positioning from Field to Cloud Everyone will be forced to open up all network layers, and we will achieve at the speed of light full-scale interoperability and manageability. The enterprises will become as a node in the cloud creating an absolutely new perception of the organization and society in whole. Nino Kurtalj, President, Elma Kurtalj Ltd

Integrating EnOcean and BACnet  Enabling Best of Breed Building Automation Solutions The S4 Group, Inc.

The Embedded BACnet IP Server  In today’s network world, the controller is the server.  David Lamarche, Director of Communications, CAN2GO™

Energy Information Management  Beyond Savings Projections to Proof  Tim Kensok, Vice President Market Development, AirAdvice

Putting ENERGY STAR Certification Within Reach of Commercial Buildings  Commercial companies have realized that the ENERGY STAR label is preferred by their customers because it indicates a lower cost of operation. Brian Dawson, Chairman and CEO of Calico Energy

Smart Demand Control Ventilation  Intelligent Ventilation Measurement, Optimization and New Thinking for Today’s Green Buildings  Daniel Diehl, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Aircuity

Getting Grid Connected  Drive Increased Energy Savings and Earnings with Contextual Electricity Information, Dashboards and Integrated Demand Response  Rich Quattrini, VP Marketing and Product Management, EnergyConnect Inc.

Landmark Multi-Use Building Sets Standards for Sustainability  Wireless technology “greens” 1980s building 
Harry Sim, CEO Cypress Envirosystems

Back to School for Energy Efficiency Lessons  Schools are turning out one textbook case after another of energy efficient buildings. Denis Du Bois, Editor, Energy Priorities Magazine

Building Automation Moves Up  Up in the clouds and ever-increasing connectivity  Control Engineering Asia

Columns - October 2010
Closing the Feedback Loop  What type of feedback is needed by each party? Answering this question is a bit more complex. Angela Lewis, Building Intelligence Group

Load Shaping for Net Zero Buildings  Load shaping prioritizes energy use by prioritizing systems, matching demand to supply within the microgrid. 
Toby Considine, T9

Rapid software development leads to future facing success  New OPC Foundation OPC UA .NET Developers’ Course provides hand-on UA development  Manny Mandrusiak, Vice President of OPC Marketing, OPC Foundation

Hydronic Zone Controls 101  Control theory as explained through real-life experience  Steven R. Calabrese,
Control Engineering Corp

Past Favorites 
David Lamarche, Director of Communications, CAN2GO™  The Embedded BACnet IP Server
Jim Sinopoli, PE, LEED AP, RCDD Managing Principal, Smart Buildings LLC  Too Many Choices For Wireless Building Systems?
Nino Kurtalj, President, Elma Kurtalj Ltd  From the Silo to Open Collaborative Facility Internetworks 
Sarah Erdman, Marketing Director, QA Graphics
 Seeing is Believing
Ken Sinclair Editor/Owner, Does Owning the Meters Make You Smarter?
Jim Sinopoli, PE, LEED AP, RCDD Managing Principal, Smart Buildings LLC  A Window into Shading and Electrically Switchable Glass
Peter Sharer, Founder, Agilewaves, Inc  Monitoring-based Commissioning for Proactive Energy Management
Sarah Erdman, Marketing Director, QA Graphics  Energy Dashboards and Energy EDUCATION Dashboard
Michael Colicchio, Canadian Regional Development, Viconics Electronics Inc. Wireless Communicating Controls

Harry Sim, CEO, Cypress Envirosystems Kaiser Permanente Qualifies Old Building for Energy Incentives 
Ken Sinclair  Takeaways from ConnectivityWeek 2010

Nirosha Munasinghe, Open General The Future of Cloud Connectivity for BAS
Ken Sinclair Editor/Owner,  Preview of May 24-27 ConnectivityWeek 2010 Santa Clara
Michael R. Lavelle P.E., Lavelle Energy LLC & Kimon Onuma, FAIA, ONUMA, Inc. Virtual Building Energy Management
Nirosha Munasinghe, Open General  What is a Web Enabled Building  Management System? & Data Integration Levels

Dave Krinkel, Founder EnergyAI  What Secrets Lurk In the 98% of Energy Data that’s Never Looked At? 
Ken Sinclair Editor/Owner,  The Next Big Things
Andy Stadheim CEO, Barix Technology U.S.  Building Automation Considerations
Ken Sinclair Editor/Owner,  Twenty Ten to be a BAD-ASS Year
Jim Sinopoli, PE, LEED AP, RCDD Managing Principal, Smart Buildings LLC Predictions for Smart Buildings in 2010
Rawlson O’Neil King,  Communications Director, CABA  Research Viewpoints
Robert Eckery, Marcom Manager, EnOcean, Inc. Energy Harvesting, Wireless and Next Generation Building Energy Management 
Jim Sinopoli, PE, LEED AP, RCDD Managing Principal, Smart Buildings LLC How Buildings Will Communicate With The Smart Grid
Harry Sim, CEO, Cypress Envirosystems  Retrofitting Existing Commercial Buildings for the Smart Grid
Andrey A. Golovin, Executive Director of associations BIG-RU (BACnet Interest Group Russia) and KONNEX Russia, Editor in Chief of the magazine "Building Automation" What is "Smart City"? 
Gina Elliott, MBA Project Director, Smart Buildings LLC  Energy Reporting
Daryl Cowie, Business Development Manager, Wescon Technologies  The Business Case for Submetering - Part 1-3