November 2010

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Every month there is a blizzard of information contained in the emails and newsletters that cross my desk on their way to  Some of this information is not in the form of any type of content we can publish but I feel I should share with you these snippets, blog bits, and url links that are about to fall off my desktop.

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Six-story billboard, the 3,200-sq.-ft. Pop-Tart WorldGive me a sign
I never particularly liked Pop-Tarts. But I think the brand’s just-opened pop-up store in Manhattan’s Times Square is a hoot. It also shows that, with a little creative thinking, how effectively a brand can engage customers in a physical space.

Wrapped in Pop-Tarts branding and promoted with a six-story billboard, the 3,200-sq.-ft. Pop-Tart World is hard to miss.
Ed Richards: ‘running wild’
Is the next wave of technology embedded in the walls around us?

The smart buildings movement — taking the same technology used to connect our laptops and cell phones and installing it within the walls of offices across the globe — is gaining steam.

And why wouldn’t it? With the ability to track and manage resource usage across a company’s portfolio, it’s a facilities manager’s dream. And companies famous for their work building the very Internet itself are diving into the market headfirst.

Cisco is one of them. The company is leveraging its “connected” heritage in the automated and green buildings space, with the hope to make lights, air conditioning and electrical systems as easy as routers, servers and voice over IP.

In July, I spoke with Edmund Richards, director of worldwide development for Cisco Smart Connected Buildings. What Ed told me from his Santa Barbara, Calif. office is that more intelligent buildings are on the way — and the first place consumers may see them is at their local bank or apparel store.

Welcome to the KNX Multichannel TV

On the 20th October 2010 and for the whole day, KNX Association will provide to all our KNX Partners, KNX Members, KNX National Groups, KNX Userclubs, KNX Training Centres, KNX Scientific and any other viewer the opportunity to watch KNX online.

Together with your business partners and friends enjoy any of the locations where KNX celebrates this event. Join us online for the the official World Premiere of our ETS4 software, together with other participants from different countries. Please choose your preferred connection by just clicking on the link you wish.

The Business Case for Web Commuting pdf

Today’s workforce is increasingly mobile. In some instances, mobility may have simply resulted from evolving work styles and a corporate culture to “do whatever it takes to serve the customer.” For many organizations, workplace strategies and structured Web commuting plans are being developed around mobilizing employees to accomplish two important objectives: 1) reduce workplace costs and 2) increase workforce performance.

These strategies are not about making a decision to “allow” staff members to work outside of their assigned workspaces. Employees are already conducting their work in a variety of places. In fact, Stegmeier Consulting Group’s workplace research has revealed that the average employee spends 63 percent of his or her business day working anywhere but their dedicated workspace. The challenge for the business enterprise is in creating the appropriate infrastructure—technology,
security, policies, behavioral protocols, performance management, etc. — to best support the distributed workforce in how where and when they perform their jobs. It may seem a daunting task, but it is well worth the effort. With a strong business framework for Web commuting, the company can benefit from both cost savings and the maximum level of employee productivity. 

Customer Engagement Technology World (CETW), November 10-11, 2010 at the Javits Center in New York City. 
 For 14 years, Customer Engagement Technology World (featuring KioskCom & The Digital Signage Show) has delivered strategic, marketing and technical business solutions for organizations focused on enhancing their customer engagement programs through digital media such as kiosks, digital signage, self-service, digital out-of-home/place based media, mobile and other customer-facing technologies.
Integrated Systems: Access Control Prediction Spells Opportunity
Convergence of access control and building automation systems (BAS) is key to future
Joseph Feuling Updated: 10-10-2010 10:41 am

Integrated access control or RFID systems with BAS create a platform to achieve optimal energy and operational efficiencies.

Article author Joe Feuling heads new business development for Environmental Systems Inc., with offices in Milwaukee and Chicago. Access control will remain the largest and fastest growing U.S. electronic security segment through 2014, according to a recent study by industry analysts at the Freedonia Group. Oddly enough, this spells opportunity for some and a threat for others.
Corporate executives responsible for operational and financial efficiency will expect more from the security industry. In other words, more C-suite executives will demand access control systems integrate operationally and systematically to maximize their investments.

More than video and access control
Security Circle To capture some of the predicted billions of dollars in growth for the electronic security market, security professionals must move beyond viewing integration as the mere convergence of systems such as video surveillance and access control. While the focus and purpose of this type of integration improves situational awareness and management of a facility’s security operations, executives now require more return on investments (ROI). Security providers must help them do more with less by maximizing building efficiency and reducing overhead.

Our research study “Bottom-Line Sustainability for Business: What’s Possible–And Profitable–About Intelligent Building Systems,” includes many industry leaders who agree. They say the greatest impact associated with the ongoing convergence of information systems and building automation systems (BAS) is an organization’s ability to enhance safety and security by better controlling who has access to critical data and facilities. As systems converge, building operators can monitor their buildings 24 hours a day, seven days a week, control access and recognize cost savings with the shutdown of non-necessary systems.

Digi ConnectPort X3 aggregates local traffic over a cellular network

Digi ConnectPort X3 from Digi International is a low-cost, programmable cellular gateway for monitoring and tracking remote assets. Featuring flexible device interfaces, including ZigBee, RS-232 serial, analog and digital input/output (I/O), and Global Positioning System (GPS), the compact ConnectPort X3 provides global connectivity to remote devices and device/sensor networks via GSM GPRS cellular networks.

The new gateway is integrated with the iDigi Platform, a cloud-computing service that makes it easy to remotely manage devices and integrate device information into a company’s back-end systems and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

The ConnectPort X3 features an optional embedded XBee ZigBee module that allows the gateway to connect to a network of ZigBee-enabled wireless devices or sensors for local data aggregation over a cellular network. The gateway also features an optional analog I/O, digital I/O or RS-232 serial port for direct wired connectivity. Optional internal GPS is also available for asset tracking.
Consumer attitudes about the benefits of smart grid technology are still in a formative stage. Most consumers are not aware of the term, much less the capabilities smart grid technologies will be bringing in the next few years. Several conditions are clear: * Consumers are very interested in learning how they can cut their electricity costs * Most are willing to pay to save * Some consumers would allow utilities to control systems in their home, but many are not willing to relinquish control even if they can override utility commands.
What to Look For When Building a Superior Paging System.
When designing a life safety paging system, be sure the system you select keeps everyone who visits or works in your facility safe and informed. You want it to be reliable. You want it to be clear. And just as importantly, you want it to meet your needs as they change and grow. What you need is VociaŽ.

To help you learn more, we're offering an in-depth, informational whitepaper — Paging Systems: Solutions for Life Safety.
You'll discover:

The role of the network in advanced paging systems
The importance of no single-point of system failure
The features to consider to meet standards compliance
How to simplify system maintenance and management
The power and potential of new critical paging and mass evacuation systems have evolved. Learn to build your efficient, reliable and future-proof system with Vocia.


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