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Anto BudiardjoEMAIL INTERVIEW  Anto Budiardjo & Ken Sinclair

"Anto Budiardjo is President & CEO of Clasma Events Inc., the organizer of BuilConn Europe in Amsterdam, November 8-10, 2005 (www.builconn.com) and the co-located M2M Expo & Conference (www.m2mexpo.com)."

Please send comments and questions to antob@clasma.com.

BuilConn EuropeBuilConn Europe 2005 Update

....IP-enabled gateways that talk XML and Web services, to IP-centric products such as servers, hosted services, BACnet Web Services, oBIX, to a great deal of discussion on IP-based standards.

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Sinclair:  What is the status of BuilConn Europe?

Budiardjo:  It’s progressing very well, Ken. We have more exhibitors than we had last year and we still have a few weeks to go. The conference content is coming together nicely and I know many people are looking forward to visiting Amsterdam.

Sinclair:  What’s new in Europe this year?

Budiardjo:  IP Controls and Wireless. We are increasing the visibility of IP-based control systems for buildings. It seems that we all understand that is the way to go, but the challenge now is to find out what it really means. Wireless also continues to be of high interest, especially mesh-based sensor networks.

Sinclair:  What is there to cover on IP Controls?

Budiardjo:  A lot, Ken, from IP-enabled gateways that talk XML and Web services, to IP-centric products such as servers, hosted services, BACnet Web Services, oBIX, to a great deal of discussion on IP-based standards with our partner, OASIS. We also expect to see new tools and ideas about how to increase and find new business with IP-based controls. The whole subject of IP controls has only just started, and BuilConn is where it happens.

Sinclair:  How about the M2M side?

Budiardjo:  Machine-to-Machine technology is strong this year also. There is a lot going on at Harbor Research that will be presented in Amsterdam, and a great deal of this will have a direct impact on the future of technology in buildings. Much of it is about how business is going to be different with smart devices connected to the Internet.

Sinclair:  Who do you have as speakers and sponsors?

Budiardjo:  As far as speakers, it’s best for you to see the agenda page here; we are adding to this almost daily, and we will also have a strong line up of Keynote speakers from the building and M2M areas. As far as sponsors, most of the companies that have IP- and IT-based solutions are there, including Plexus, Tridium, Gridlogix and Richards Zeta. We also have the IT sector represented with companies like IBM, HP and Cisco either sponsoring the event or speaking at some high level.

Reliable Controls Sinclair:  You also have many interesting partners.

Budiardjo:  Yes, we are excited about the broad base of support. OASIS is organizing a standards track, ZigBee is conducting an Application Workshop, i&i Ltd from the UK is leading a track, LonMark is endorsing and sponsoring the event, the Industrial Ethernet Book is a new media sponsor, BACnet Russia is on board, as is IBG France, the IP User Group and HTNG (Hotel Technology Next Generation). This is in addition to the M2M partners, Harbor Research and e-Principles, as well as a new partner, Jakajima. See this page for the full BuilConn list.

Sinclair:  And there is an attraction of Amsterdam of course.

Budiardjo:  Yes, Ken, from museums, culture, sightseeing, nightlife and fun, Amsterdam is a great place to be. It may be hard to get people to focus on convergence were it not for the content we have!

Sinclair:  Anything special for our readers?

Budiardjo:  Yes, a 10% discount. Your readers should use the code “AUTOMATEDBUILDINGS” during the online registration process. To register now just click here.

Sinclair:  Sounds like an event people should attend.

Budiardjo:  Thanks, Ken. For more information visit www.builconn.com.


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