September & October 2005

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October 2005

CoroWare Test Labs
Lloyd Spencer, CoroWare, Inc.
and CoroWare Test Labs
We want to accelerate the emergence of a standards-based robotics components market so developers can bring new robotics solutions to market faster using existing, proven, interoperable components.

GridWise is a DOE initiative
Rik Drummond, Chair GridWise Architecture Council
GridWise is a DOE initiative to bring the North America electric grid into the 21st century.

A Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge
Vernon Trevathan, P.E., PMP
The intent is to bring together in one place information on the full range of technologies in automation so that those working in the field and also those wanting to understand it better can get a good grasp on the technology.

Network Configuration Manager (NCM)
Deepak Wanner, Precidia Technologies
A network configuration manager (NCM) is a tool that can help network and facility managers better monitor and control the devices on their network.

BuilConn Europe 2005 Update
Anto Budiardjo,  Clasma Events Inc.
....IP-enabled gateways that talk XML and Web services, to IP-centric products such as servers, hosted services, BACnet Web Services, oBIX, to a great deal of discussion on IP-based standards.

September 2005

What does the Building Intelligence Group offer to Systems Integrators?
Leighton Wolffe, The Building Intelligence Group
The intent is to help elevate the professionalism and caliber of the System Integrator staff.

Wireless Sensing Solutions (2nd Annual Event)
Tim Scannell, Conference Director of Wireless Sensing Solutions
This year’s event will explore actual deployments and solutions as well as include information on present and evolving technology.

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