September & October 2005

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Articles - October 2005

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Findings from the 2004 Fully Automated Demand Response Tests   This research has demonstrated that fully automated demand response systems are technically feasible for buildings with a wide range of control systems from highly sophisticated EMCS with telemetry communication to conventional EMCS.  Mary Ann Piette, David S. Watson, Naoya Motegi and Norman Bourassa, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

GridWise and the Energy Policy Act of 2005  One key initiative to come from this Act will be a major focus on electricity reliability.  Jack Mc Gowan, CEM, Energy Control Inc. 

GridWise Council & Convention FAQ The GridWise Architecture Council was created in 2004 following the August, 2003 Northeast Blackout and in response to Congress and the Department of Energy’s call for a next-generation electric system.

BACnet Conference & Expo  Update: This has allowed us to build a first-class conference while keeping the registration fees at bargain prices. Jon Williamson, Chairman, BACnet Conference & Expo

Planning Your Digital Signage Network  This article describes the digital signage project approach emphasizing the project initiation and development phases.  Lyle Bunn, BTV+ Director

Backing BACnet  It is the only protocol that has been created with its roots in the HVAC industry while achieving global consensus. Ken Sinclair,

Articles - September 2005

What Next Part IV: Action Stations!  The world of technology in buildings is changing; to do nothing is the same as making a conscious decision to go backwards, at a time where new IT-savvy players are moving forward at greater and greater speed. Anto Budiardjo, President & CEO, Clasma Events Inc.

Performance Contracting …the next wave and how it will impact Automation  Jack Mc Gowan, CEM, Energy Control Inc. 

Five Issues When Selecting Ethernet Switches  The Ethernet switch is crucial to control system operation and therefore must perform continuously.  Joe Stasiek, Sales Manager, Contemporary Controls

Creating Opportunity Out of Crisis  Predictive Load Shedding™ Technology in a More Energy Conscious World  Michael Burdett, VP Arecont Systems, Inc.

A View From The Outside Looking In  Building low voltage sub-systems and the future  John C. Greenwell, IBS Sales Engineer
Continental Electrical Construction Company, LLC

Building Automation has become Pointless Our remaining frontier is to insure that all the devices and sub-systems we buy fit nicely into our enterprise managed building automation system. Ken Sinclair,

Past Favorites 

September Ken Sinclair, Building Automation has become Pointless
Paul Ehrlich, P.E. Building Intelligence Group What Is An Intelligent Building? 
Deepak Wanner, Precidia Technologies Hotel PBX: The Road to IP
June George Thomas, Contemporary Controls
Power Over Ethernet
Sinclair/McGowan/Considine/Zivney ES Supplement
George Thomas, Contemporary Controls
Hubs versus Switches
Eldon Ziegler, Energy Micro Systems HVAC Automation and the Light Commercial Market 
Thanh Nguyen, LCN America Building Automation with LCN
Michael R. Brambley and Srinivas Katipamula, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Beyond Commissioning: The Role of Automation
Edward Hague, CTO, ProtoCessor Division, FieldServer Technologies ProtoCessor - A Protocol Solution
Steve Tom, PE, PhD, Director of Technical Information, Automated Logic Corporation Web Services – A New BACnet Standard 
Guy Zebrick, Account Manager, Kele, Inc  ZigBee or Not ZigBee
Jack Mc Gowan, CEM, Energy Control Inc.  Integrated, Interoperable and Intelligent  …

Brian Jones, Marketing Consultant, The S4 Group, Inc Johnson Controls Metasys N2 Networks in an Open Systems Environment
Al De Wachter, ICS Inc Plan Users Guide - Project Control

Lyle Bunn, Senior Partner, Apogee Partners  Electronic Signage for Safer Buildings



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