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Contemporary Controls' BAS Remote Upgraded to Support Modbus/TCP Protocol in Addition to BACnet/IPÒ

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Product has the Ability to Utilize Existing Ethernet Structured Wiring that is now Standard in Most Buildings

Downers Grove, Illinois (Janurary 29, 2008) - Demonstrated at AHR Expo 2008, Contemporary Controls' BAS Remote has been upgraded to support the Modbus/TCP protocol in addition to BACnet/IP. Any Modbus/TCP client can read the BAS Remote inputs and write the BAS Remote outputs. The BAS Remote also acts as a Modbus router. A Modbus/TCP client can also communicate with 2-wire Modbus-RTU or Modbus-ASCII devices which are connected to the Modbus (MB) port of the BAS Remote.

PlantPROCORE Sales Manager Joe Stasiek says the strength of this product is its ability to utilize the existing Ethernet structured wiring that is now standard in most buildings. “By using the structured wiring it is easy and cost-effective to add more I/O points wherever they are needed,” he explained. “I call this the ‘oops I/O,’ meaning that some I/O were forgotten during the design, or a quick addition of a few points is required to install more sensing/actuation points.” Stasiek says cost-effectiveness comes into play because the BAS Remote can be installed using CAT5 cable at any location a Ethernet switch port is available. There is no need to run proprietary BAS cabling to the location.

Another upgrade to the BAS Remote is the ability to provide 150 mA at 24 VDC to function as a power supply for any loop devices that need to be installed. Stasiek says there is a cost savings in parts and wiring since a separate loop supply is not needed.

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