February 2008
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World’s largest sports drink manufacturer chooses Control-See’s U.C.ME-OPC software for plant paging application.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, February 15th 2008 - When one of the United States’ largest sports drink manufacturing plants needed to upgrade their alarm paging software they contacted Fields Engineering & Computer Services, a systems integration company specializing in automation and manufacturing-database programming. The Engineering & Maintenance Manager at the facility outlined the needs of the updated system:

• The ability to retrieve real-time, event-driven alarms and data from all PLCs throughout the facility.
• The ability to broadcast the alarms and data through an alpha-numeric paging system via email messaging.
• The ability to send pages based on groups (Production, Facilities, Warehouse, etc), work schedule, and type of information.
• Page the information (a minimum of 350 unique data points) with minimal delay from trigger to page reception.

PlantPROCORE After careful research of the facility’s needs Fields Engineering & Computer Services chose Control-See’s U.C.ME-OPC software for the plant paging application. According to Chris Fields, president of Fields Engineering & Computer Services, the U.C.ME-OPC software met all of the facility’s objectives. Furthermore the software utilized an easy-to-use development interface as well as direct importing of tags from SCADA programs such as InTouch™ and RSView™. Overall the project yielded significant cost savings in development time, paging costs and faster response time to critical plant conditions.

About Control-See:
Control-See Software Solutions Ltd, a leading provider of Alarm Notification & Analysis software tools for Industrial automation and control systems. Web: www.controlsee.com

About Fields Engineering:
Fields Engineering & Computer Services is a full service Automation Systems Integrators, providing Project Development and Process Improvement for manufacturing companies.
Web: http://www.fieldsengineering.com 


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