July 2008
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Spinwave Systems, Inc. and AscentIQ, Inc. Partner to Help Companies Reduce Their Energy Use

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Complete solution for energy management combines wireless sensors and controls with a new software platform that works with financial, building automation, and business management software

Westford, MA and Allyn, WA-June 30, 2008-Spinwave Systems, Inc. and AscentIQ, Inc. announced today that they have teamed up to produce a complete energy management solution that will make it faster and easier to reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings. Combining second-generation wireless technology with a flexible software platform, the new energy management solution will make energy usage data available to company management in a clear format, tied directly to business goals. The system allows users to integrate their energy management systems with software used to run their businesses, such as financial reporting programs, making it easier to analyze, share, and apply energy usage information throughout an organization.

A customized application that incorporates building automation and business enterprise software would normally take months to develop; it takes only hours to put together with the AscentIQ/Spinwave platform. Once set up, the system will allow management to

Spinwave Systems, a leader in wireless energy management sensors and controls, provides the hardware for the system, which includes wireless thermostats, temperature and humidity sensors, pulse counters for utility metering and smart meter interfaces, and control modules. Spinwave’s wireless mesh network reduces the cost of deploying an EMS by up to 75%, since the intensive labor costs associated with running wires and installing conduit are eliminated. Wireless EMS also cuts installation times, often reducing a three month construction project to one lasting a few days.

AscentIQ provides development tools and solutions specially suited for fast changing business environments. The AscentIQ platform encompasses a powerful suite of key enterprise-focused modules into a single application, including: Business Activity Monitoring - tools to monitor your enterprise information bus and report boundary conditions, exceptions and trends, as well as data collection, aggregation, business process management, alarms and alarm escalation, and powerful content transformation and delivery tools. All of this in an easy to use drag-and-drop user interface that allows you to deliver enterprise solutions in hours and days instead of weeks and months, and without teams of software developers.

Control Solutions, Inc By bringing together both wireless hardware and rapidly customizable software, the new system streamlines both installation and configuration, making energy management more affordable, even for smaller businesses. It makes it easier for building automation specialists to communicate data to management, and gives management an efficient way to use that data to plan and evaluate their companies’ overall energy usage. “We see great potential in this development,” says Rainer Wischinski, Spinwave’s Vice President of Marketing, “Integrating wireless energy management with other systems in a company makes it much easier for energy usage data to reach decision makers at all levels, with everyone getting the information they need in the format they prefer.”

About Wireless Sensor and Controls Developer Spinwave Systems
Spinwave™ Systems is a leading developer of wireless sensors and controls. Specifically designed for commercial building automation, Spinwave’s products enable highly energy-efficient building operations and productive and healthy environments. Spinwave’s unique system design and rapid deployment toolset allows seamless integration of wireless sensors to existing building automation systems from all major manufacturers.

About AscentIQ, Inc.
AscentIQ is an international provider of intelligent data management tools and solutions specially suited for fast changing business environments. AscentIQ automates the real-time collection, processing, analysis, and distribution of critical business information to the enterprise applications and devices that need it – in minutes and hours, not weeks or months. AscentIQ has solutions for the M2M, Transportation, and Medical Industries, with specific emphasis on Supply Chain Event Monitoring, Asset Management Tracking and Visibility, Energy Monitoring, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL).

To learn more, please visit www.spinwavesystems.com


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