July 2008
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Spinwave Systems Announces New Wireless Pulse Counter for Monitoring Energy Consumption and Water Usage

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Second generation wireless system for energy management, submetering, and demand response provides fast, accurate data on consumption.

Westford, MA-July 22, 2008- Spinwave Systems, Inc., a leading producer of wireless mesh networks for energy management and building automation, introduces the next generation of their wireless pulse counter. The new pulse counter replicates actual utility meter outputs dynamically, bringing the highest degree of responsiveness and accuracy to wireless energy management, submetering, building systems monitoring, and demand response. The data collected shows actual consumption for electricity, water, or gas at a location. The new pulse counter also increases the range of environments in which wireless mesh systems can be installed, enabling a greater number of businesses to implement these systems.

The pulse counter’s Adaptive Pulse Regeneration technology provides a groundbreaking way to transmit meter data with a battery-powered device. Pulse counters dynamically reproduce utility meter outputs, resulting in highly accurate, up-to-date data over wide demand ranges. This level of immediacy in data collection allows for better monitoring of usage, which in turn translates into better control and verification of energy management and demand response programs. “With this new generation of pulse counters, users can get extremely precise meter data wirelessly, resulting in highly targeted savings opportunities,” notes Rainer Wischinski, Spinwave’s Vice President of Marketing.

Spinwave’s new pulse counter is also designed for very long battery life, even under challenging conditions. The device now supports both alkaline and lithium batteries, for extended battery life in extreme temperature environments. In addition, it is specifically designed to increase battery life by conserving energy usage. Each pulse counter goes to sleep in between data transmissions, wakes up when it is called on to transmit data, then goes to sleep again. With this technology, batteries can last up to eight years.

The second generation of pulse counter continues to offer the high reliability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness found in the first generation of Spinwave products:

As utility costs grow, having extensive, up-to-date data on the consumption of electricity, gas, and water in a building is becoming crucial for businesses. Gathering the data in a cost-effective way is equally important. Spinwave’s Adaptive Pulse Regeneration provides more effective data collection, while its ultra-reliable wireless technology makes installation far more affordable than traditional hard-wired solutions. Spinwave Systems’ easy to install wireless pulse counters are set to transform the way that companies monitor and manage their resources.

About Wireless Sensor and Controls Developer Spinwave Systems
Spinwave™ Systems is a leading developer of wireless sensors and controls specifically designed for commercial building automation to enable highly energy-efficient building operations and productive and healthy environments. Spinwave’s unique system design and rapid deployment toolset allows seamless integration of wireless sensors to existing building automation systems from all major manufacturers. To learn more, please visit www.spinwavesystems.com


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