July 2008
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Lynxspring Announces JENEsys™ snap!

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---a web-based, automated environmental and energy control application for light commercial buildings

LEAWOOD, Kan., July 30, 2008 – Lynxspring Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of JENEsys™ snap! (Simple Network Automation Platform). JENEsys snap! is an application that automates the setup and operation of a web-based temperature control application for light commercial properties including institutional, national account or high-end residential buildings.

Bob Mealey, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Lynxspring, said, “With JENEsys snap!, owners of light commercial buildings have the benefits of building automation and energy management systems without the associated development and commissioning costs.”

A mechanical contractor, electrician, service contractor or the owner installs the JENEsys controller, and by following simple documentation, connects it to a network of between 1 to 120 thermostats which in turn are connected to a mix of mechanical equipment – DX based split systems, rooftop units, and heat pumps

According to Leanne Stiers of The Hunton Group in Houston, TX, an early adopter of JENEsys snap!, “With JENEsys snap!, we were able to install and wire the equipment, log into JENEsys snap!, ‘discover’ the system and easily and quickly set up the building in a manner that was profitable for us and economical for the end user.”

The JENEsys snap! appliance, hosted on the controller, automatically generates the customized user interface based on the type and number of thermostats on the network. It creates the graphics, and populates trends, alarms and schedules with default values. Roles-based security, reports, history logs, audit trails and a demand limiting module are standard features.

Building owners using JENEsys snap! can expect reduced energy costs, utility savings through better building management, reduced maintenance costs through simplified operations, and the reduction of field installation and associated high labor costs.

To learn more about JENEsys snap!, visit http://www.lynxspring.com/snap.jsp.

About Lynxspring
Lynxspring, founded in 2001, is a leading technology company addressing building automation control requirements with a focus on interoperability. Lynxspring manufactures and distributes web-enabled, open protocol control solutions. Using NiagaraAX software in an embedded platform, Lynxspring provides Internet-based integration and interoperability.

Lynxspring – Solutions and Technology Converge. (www.lynxspring.com)


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