June 2010
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Agilewaves Announces Monitoring-based Commissioning Platform for Building Energy Management

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Sentinel Service for MBCx and LEED Addresses Performance Drift

Menlo Park, CA - Energy management system firm, Agilewaves, today announced a Monitoring-based Commissioning (MBCx) platform and services program, Agilewaves Sentinel Services. The offering will help commissioning agents and facilities management firms reduce energy costs and improve building operations.

A platform for MBCx services, the Agilewaves Building Optimization System keeps buildings running at peak efficiency by addressing the performance drift which occurs when building systems fall out of calibration or fail altogether. A sensor network gathers data measurements electricity, gas and water consumption, and analysis capabilities identify trends, detect leaks and alert facility manager to hidden problems that waste energy.

PlantPROCORE Cary Vandenberg, CEO of Agilewaves noted: “To achieve high performance buildings, we need proactive and persistent energy management. With Agilewaves’ real-time resource utilization metrics, commissioning firms can identify hidden problems and optimize building performance – perpetually – versus the typical one-time gains with traditional commissioning projects.”

For firms targeting the emerging LEED ongoing commissioning or MBCx services businesses, Agilewaves Sentinel Services program allows them to remotely monitor client sites. “With Sentinel Services our partners can keep uncovering low-cost or no-cost energy savings opportunities for clients,” said Vandenberg.

About Agilewaves (www.agilewaves.com)

Agilewaves is an energy management system firm based in Menlo Park , CA . The firm’s Building Optimization System provides facility managers and building owners with real-time, rigorous metrics needed to increase energy efficiency, reduce energy costs and meet the persistent monitoring requirements for green retrofits, monitoring-based commissioning, Energy Star, LEED, and Net- Zero Energy Building projects.


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