June 2010
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Adapx Delivers New Capturx Solutions to Combat Paperwork Bottlenecks in Booming Green Economy

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Adapx Showcases Capturx Markup for PDF and New Energy Audit Case Studies at West Coast Energy Management Congress

SEATTLE, 15 June 2010. Adapx, the company that is changing the way mobile teams collect data and collaborate, today announced new Capturx tools and case studies to help energy management firms, utilities, and facilities managers speed up energy audits and accelerate efficiency improvements. Along with Capturx forms solutions, the new Capturx Markup for PDF makes it easy for teams to quickly collect and process paper-based data from energy audits, freeing teams to spend more time on energy improvements instead of paperwork. The full range of Capturx solutions will be showcased at the West Coast Energy Management Congress at the Seattle Convention Center on 15-16 June.

The newly published case studies from Adapx describe how two leading energy management firms can now complete up to 33% more audits per week since using Capturx. With Capturx, the detailed facilities data collected on paper is automatically integrated into their analysis and reporting tools in Microsoft Office. By eliminating the need to manually re-enter all the data collected on paper forms, energy auditors can spend more time serving other customers. The case studies are available at: http://www.adapx.com/sites/default/files/file/capturx-casestudy-energy-audits.pdf

Reliable Controls “Higher energy costs and ecological awareness have created a surge in demand for building retrofits to improve energy efficiency,” said Ken Schneider, CEO of Adapx. “We’re glad that Capturx is helping firms overcome the shortages in certified energy auditors and the limitations in their tools which have created bottlenecks standing in the way of improved energy efficiency for a range of businesses, utilities, and cities.

The newly announced Capturx Markup for PDF product also helps energy auditors eliminate the costs and delays from having to scan building plan markups. Handwritten notes on building plans highlighting areas for improved energy efficiency are instantly digitized for immediate sharing, reporting, or archiving. As with other Capturx products, teams simply print their forms or building plans from Office or PDF files on plain paper. Capturx software enables handwritten data on the forms and plans to be instantly digitized and automatically integrated into the original files through standard digital pens.
To learn more about Capturx Markup for PDF, please:
- visit http://www.adapx.com/products/capturx-markup-pdf
- or send email to sales@adapx.com

At the West Coast Energy Management Congress, attendees can also learn more about how Capturx is used to streamline facilities management by the US Army and NASA and by electric utilities such as American Transmission Company. Please visit Adapx at booth #208.


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