June 2010
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Lynxspring Releases LEED & Controls White Paper

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Lynxspring is pleased to share a White Paper on the ever-important subject of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) & Controls to our Lynxspring Business Partners, Vendors, Customers and industry colleagues.

This informative study was written by one of our Lynxspring Business Partners, Mark Hauenstein of Technical Designs. His paper, entitled "LEEDŽ: The Use of Smart Communicating Devices to Garner LEEDŽ Points", is intended to educate system integrators, building owners and operators about LEEDŽ and sustainable building design principles, as well as the value of Smart Communicating Devices in terms of overall building cost and operation.

Here's an excerpt from the study:

Control Solutions, Inc Several trends have converged simultaneously to bring about the ability for communicating devices to play a pivotal role in many LEEDŽ concepts. These trends are:
- Standardization of communication protocols
- Smart technologies applied all types of end devices for little or no cost.
- Traditional controls companies are being replaced by system integrators.
- Smart power grids and how this technology is bring value to the end user.
- Increased utility costs or an awareness that change is on its way. De-regulation has created new issues with delivery of services and the associated costs.
- Federal mandates for renewal energy and how utility companies find a
way to integrate wind and solar.

To read the complete paper, please visit our ftp site.

Once again, many thanks to Mark from Technical Designs, for his great insight in this important topic in our industry.

Visit www.lynxspring.com for more information.


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