June 2010
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Millennial Net introduces Wi-Stat IIIp, the world’s first pneumatic DDC thermostat

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Chelmsford, MA – June 29, 2010 – Millennial Net’s Wi-Stat IIIp wireless pneumatic Direct Digital Control (DDC) thermostat is a revolutionary breakthrough for pneumatically controlled buildings.

The Wi-Stat IIIp takes the lead in launching Millennial Net’s third generation thermostat product line, part of an extensive family of interoperating wireless controllers, sensors, meters and supervisory systems which utilize the IEEE 802.15.4 standard and 2.4 GHz radio band. Advancements made standard in this release include:

- Continuous branch-line pressure monitoring
- Leak detection and status notification
- Leak compensating operation

“The Wi-Stat IIIp is truly revolutionary not merely because it is wireless; we completely rethought how to address the challenges of pneumatically controlled buildings and devoted years to research and development”, says Dieter Schill, CEO. “Sticking a radio on a mechanical pneumatic valve as a hybrid-thermostat was an idea we immediately rejected for our first market entry. We saw the opportunity for a breakthrough approach and built the Wi-Stat IIIp”. Millennial Net is a leading innovator in wireless technologies, with patents pending for wireless pneumatic control and a number of other wireless energy management applications. Millennial Net also holds several core patents for wireless mesh networking technologies and their applications, which form the basis for its MeshScape solutions.

Unlike conventional bi-metal pneumatic (mechanical) thermostats, the Wi-Stat IIIp has no mechanical parts, operating on totally different principles that enable unmatched reliability, longevity and flexibility. This improves control quality and responsiveness. It also reduces the cost and frequency of unit replacement and maintenance. Routine maintenance and recalibration are eliminated.

Time and cost of installation are reduced as there are no wires, no adjustment screws and no need for calibration. The wireless network forms itself and data communications enable remote monitoring, adjustment and trending to ensure long term performance. Devices are immediately accessible bi-directionally via the internet and easily integrated with other automation systems.

Several important capabilities are enabled by the wireless battery-powered DDC device, which operates standalone and/or in a network:

- Over-the-air programming and adjustment
- Remote wireless set point control
- Programmable temperature setbacks and other energy policies
- No wiring or cable installation

The need for a wireless pneumatic solution was part of the design when Millennial Net launched the MeshScape Energy Management System in 2007. Shortly thereafter the first wireless pneumatic thermostat, Wi-Stat IIp, was introduced and installed, gaining awards in 2008. Wi-Stat IIIp shares all the intelligent features of its fully electric thermostat peers in the Wi-Stat product family. Millennial Net wireless energy management solutions leverage the combination of wireless mesh networking and web-based technologies.

Companies seek to reduce costs and gain better economic advantages. A large number of buildings with pneumatic control infrastructure are falling behind in energy management as digital systems and networks become more common and critical. Millennial’s Wi-Stat IIIp enables the pneumatically controlled building to advance with the times and increase its value without a disruptive and costly overhaul.

Reliable Controls Commercial and industrial owners, operators and tenants see many economic and social drivers toward smart buildings:

- Reduce energy cost, consumption and waste
- Reduce greenhouse gases
- Avoid peak demand and time of use charges
- Increase EnergyStar and LEED rating

Now, wireless network solutions are gaining acceptance as a reliable, practical and highly affordable means to retrofit existing buildings for monitoring, control and energy management. Owners and managers can gain ongoing cost savings with a rapid payback and minimal disruption while improving comfort and operations. MeshScape networks are widely deployed in commercial and industrial environments where reliability and scalability are paramount.

For more information on the Wi-Stat IIIp see http://www.millennialnet.com/psi  .   

This and other MeshScape products and solutions are available through system integrators and contractors, globally. To become a reseller or find a provider for your building please contact us at info@millennialnet.com

About Millennial Net

Millennial Net, Inc. is a leading provider of wireless energy management solutions designed primarily for commercial, public and industrial buildings. The company’s MeshScape Energy Management System consists of a wireless sensor network combined with internet technologies to provide remote monitoring and control of buildings’ heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (“HVAC”) systems, lighting and other energy-consuming devices, allowing building owners and operators to reduce energy consumption. The company’s core MeshScape technology is the only wireless sensor networking solution available today that supports the unique requirements of both large and small buildings and overcomes critical challenges traditionally associated with wireless sensor networks. Millennial Net is a leading worldwide provider of commercial and industrial wireless networking systems and products for the energy management and automation markets that enable users, OEMs and systems integrators to quickly and cost-effectively implement wireless monitoring and control applications. Millennial Net is headquartered in Chelmsford, MA.


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