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Preparing For The Next Boom

There is no question that these are challenging economic times. Companies continue to downsize in order to adapt to reduced spending. Consumers are tightening their belts in response to employer demands. Yet, at the center of all of this belt tightening we have the highest unemployment in over 20 years. And things are likely to get worse, before they get better.

Yet, behind all of the bad economic news signs of hope is on the horizon. Economic downturns tend to fuel innovation in Silicon Valley. With double-digit unemployment and access to capital, innovation is in overdrive. Silicon Valley is retooling.

While some older Silicon Valley companies are contracting and laying-off very talented people, there is a wave of new invention underway. New ventures are forming. New technologies are being invented. And new solutions are coming to market that will support the next economic boom - energy.

Retooling Silicon Valley
The Obama Administration intends to overhaul the electrical grid that has been cobbled together over the past 50 years. It is old, inefficient and unreliable. The new Smart Grid will require innovation and investment above and beyond those made to support development of the Internet.

Addressing our energy needs will require the talent and knowledge that makes Silicon Valley unique. But it will require retooling. People will need to take their domain expertise and apply it to new companies in energy related areas, such as energy storage, smart metering, micro grids, electric vehicle charging systems, energy management, and more. Energy will impact products used in homes, commercial buildings, factories and cities.

Help Is Available at ConnectivityWeek
ConnectivityWeek is sponsoring a two-day Career Development track on June 9th and 10th at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The idea is to help the unemployed and underemployed transition into the new energy economy.

Industry experts are encouraged to share their knowledge and insight into the technological and economic trends driving their businesses. Attendees can hear about a number of energy related topics, including green data centers, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, smart grid, cloud computing, consumer energy management, demand response, smart meter deployment, green buildings and more.

The Career Development track at ConnectivityWeek gives people seeking new job opportunities to hear directly from the companies investing in energy related areas about industry trends and potential opportunities.

PlantPROCORE Why Attend This Event?
We understand that money is tight, but this is the best time to reflect, analyze and plan for the future. This is an investment in the future. It provides a forum to help people understand how they can do things better and more efficiently how to make better use new tools and technologies and how to reinvent the way we design, develop, support and manage energy.

The Career Day event will take place in a special room, away from the main exhibition floor and conference area.

Those attending the Career Development event will have access to the expo area to talk to exhibitors, learn about industry trends and gather information about energy related opportunities.

Special Passes
Participation in the Career Development program is available for $50.00. This special pass gives attendees access to the special Career Development track and the ConnectivityWeek Expo floor.

For those interested in delving deeper into energy related topics a special conference pass is available for $150/day or $360 for three days. Complete details on the ConnectivityWeek conference program is available at

For additional information or to register for Career Development visit



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