May 2009
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Echoflex Solutions Announced as EnOcean “Distributor of the Year 2008”

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Innovative partner recognized for creating “Smart Spaces” in buildings

[May 28, 2009 – Boston, MA] EnOcean, the inventor of self-powered radio modules and micro energy harvesters, has awarded Echoflex Solutions the distinction of distributor of the year in 2008. The award stems from the giant strides Echoflex has taken to engineer energy-stingy building automation solutions. The impact of Echoflex engineering has been manifested in terms of fast automation system installations, reduced energy consumption in hotels and commercial buildings and fast paybacks.

Atop the list of recent innovations engineered by Echoflex Solutions, are its “Smart Space” designs - designs that greatly simplify the installation of “needs-based” sensor networks. The sensor networks are comprised of self-powered wireless sensors, switches and intelligent radio controllers. The energy savings enabled by the sensor networks have opened many doors for EnOcean’s energy harvesting technologies. Lighting and HVAC sensor networks have saved building owners up to forty percent of their utility spending. The solutions provide building owners simple means of cutting off energy that previously spilled into unoccupied spaces. Because the solutions are rooted in EnOcean’s energy harvesting technologies, installations costs are also reduced because the controls are self-powered and wireless (No wires. No batteries. Ever!).

EnOcean’s award program was introduced to demonstrate the importance of developing strategic relationships with its network of distributors who are invaluable for business development. Not only do they bring EnOcean’s innovative wireless sensor technology to major international markets through selling modules and offering design-in; they also conduct large scale projects with OEMs in the fast-growing building automation industry.

PlantPROCORE The award program provides EnOcean’s distributors with a complete set of services including second-level support by EnOcean field application engineers, yearly distribution meetings and training. EnOcean also provides technology updates, market data and assistance with OEM projects.

About EnOcean

No batteries. No Wires. EnOcean (, the inventor of self-powered wireless sensor modules, manufactures radio modules and energy harvesters that enable BAS (building automation systems). The battery-free modules (powered using ambient sources of solar, thermal and mechanical energy) simplify sustainable green building development by replacing network wires with self-powered wireless links. The company is a spin-off of Siemens AG, one of the premier German technology centers. U.S. operations are based in Boston, MA.

About Echoflex Solutions

Creating Smart Spaces. Echoflex offers unique solutions for today's retrofit and energy conservation challenges by allowing building owners, managers and tenants an option to retrofit incrementally. Areas of quickest payback can be addressed first, and further retrofits can be done as easily as the original installation because each space thinks for itself. Echoflex switches and sensors are easily moved if the use of the building space changes. The technology is also interoperable with building automation systems providing wireless extensions through interfaces and gateways. For more information, please visit



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