October 2005
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Contemporary Controls" Overlapped VLANs to the Rescue for Your Control Networks

Downers Grove, Illinois  ¾ Overlapped VLANs in Contemporary Controls’ EISX_M, EICP_M, and EISB_M switches is the feature that will allow one device to be shared between multiple VLANs while still isolating traffic between the VLANs. Normally, a router is needed when communicating between VLANs; however, Contemporary Controls’ overlapped VLANs allow a specific device to be shared in multiple VLANs without the need of a router.

Contemporary Controls R&D Manager, Bennet Levine, says overlapped VLANs are very useful for the company’s customers who are interconnecting office and factory networks. “In the long run, overlapped VLANs save our customers much aggravation. Why? Overlapped VLANs can be employed to keep problems that often occur in the office environment from affecting the factory environment,” explains Levine. Levine continues by saying that these office problems may not even be noticed immediately. “For example, if you are sitting at your desk and it takes one or two seconds longer to bring up a web page from the Internet¾will you notice this? However, if it takes one or two seconds for your control devices to communicate, this could have dire consequences.”

VLAN is a feature that allows the switch to isolate traffic between groups of ports in order for you to control which devices can communicate with each other. VLANs enhance your network’s performance because traffic originating in a VLAN will go nowhere else.

To see a tutorial on VLANs and on other management features, visit http://www.ctrlink.com/managed_features.htm.






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