May 2008

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Robert RosenbloomEMAIL INTERVIEW Robert Rosenbloom & Ken Sinclair

Robert Rosenbloom, CEO PlatformQ, LLC

Robert Rosenbloom is CEO of PlatformQ, LLC, a producer of virtual events, conferences and tradeshows which allow participants to successfully interact with one another in ways that are impossible at physical events. Through their use of powerful Web-based live streaming video, peer networks and user generated content, PlatformQ’s events create strong online connections between participating individuals, companies and organizations, who might otherwise not have been able to travel to physical events or to communicate with experts or thought leaders. PlatformQ’s events include CollegeWeekLive--the world’s largest virtual college fair ( and The Virtual Energy Forum--the first online-only event focused on sustainable energy management (

The Virtual Energy Forum

A unique online-only event on energy and sustainability June 10 & 11 on the Web.

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Sinclair: What is The Virtual Energy Forum?

Rosenbloom: As its name suggests, The Virtual Energy Forum ( is a conference focused on energy efficiency, cleantech, sustainability, green buildings and operations.

However—as a “virtual” event, it is different from (and in many ways, superior to) conventional tradeshows that we’ve gone to for years--- those massive physical events that take place in cavernous exhibition halls across the country.

The Virtual Energy Forum is a two day, online-only event focused on how companies and institutions can adopt better energy management practices to cut costs, while adopting clean energy alternatives. It meets the needs of corporate energy executives in a way that is not possible with physical events, webinars or other means.

Sinclair: What sorts of activities and content will be featured at The Virtual Energy Forum?

Rosenbloom: Here’s what attendees will experience at the Forum:

Sinclair: What’s special about The Virtual Energy Forum?

Rosenbloom: Three characteristics I call the “Three C’s”, make the Forum stand out as a uniquely valuable event. The Three C’s stand for Content, Contact, and Convenience

Sinclair: Tell me more, what sort of Content will we see?

Rosenbloom: The Virtual Energy Forum unites an unprecedented gathering of presenters including energy executives from companies including HP, Marriott, Nike, Raytheon, Unilever and Whole Foods, directors from the U.S. Department of Energy and the EPA, academic, non-profit, and industry experts. Through sharing of content and opinion from these energy leaders, VEF will be the event to attend to hear the latest in best practices, policy developments, and alternative energy technologies.

See the list of speakers at:

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Rosenbloom: Unlike physical events, The Virtual Energy Forum enables optimum interactivity between presenters and attendees. As online attendees watch a presentation over streaming LIVE video, they can text in questions to be answered by the presenter. VEF’s online connection lets a broader and larger audience connect with speakers in what is more of a dialog, than a speech. Speakers tell us they like the format too as they get instant feedback and can better engage the audience.

Sinclair: So how is the VEF “Convenient”?

Rosenbloom: “Virtual Events” like the Virtual Energy Forum are catching on as an efficient, carbon-friendly, cost-effective way for thousands of people to meet and interact. Through broadband access, attendees worldwide can participate from the convenience of their home or office. If for some reason, an attendee misses one of the LIVE sessions that will take place over the two days of the event--any registered attendee can go to the website after the show to access the Forum’s archive to watch Web-video recordings of all the sessions.

Sinclair: What do your speakers think about this format?

Rosenbloom: It is also convenient for the presenters—who participate from remote TV studios in locations near to them. Unlike a physical event, there is no travel and little time out of the office. The Virtual Energy Forum saves time, money and energy!

In fact, our keynote speaker (and former Speaker of the House of Representatives himself), Newt Gingrich has said the “Virtual Energy Forum is a wonderful example of an energy conscious event that practices what it preaches.

Sinclair: Who’s sponsoring the conference?

Rosenbloom: Ken, we’ve got a great line-up of sponsors for the Forum, including a number of companies whose executives you’ve interviewed before for Automated Buildings.

While we have more sponsors coming in, here’s a list of our charter sponsors:
Constellation Energy, Delta Controls, MagnaRay, NSTAR, Site Controls, and United Technologies

As I mentioned before, sponsors and exhibitors at the Forum will have their own virtual tradeshow booths where attendees can visit, download information and interact with company executives.

Here’s a view of what the Delta Controls Virtual Booth might look like.

Delta Controls

Sinclair: Who should attend the conference?

Rosenbloom: We anticipate that thousands of corporate energy executives and decision makers will attend. Anyone who is chartered with investigating, planning and implementing sustainability initiatives in their organization will find the Forum worthwhile. Since a number of our presenters have that same charter themselves—the content of the sessions will center on their own real-world experiences, lessons learned, and examples of best practices which led to helping the bottom line while also reducing energy use and environmental impact.

Sinclair: When is it?

Rosenbloom: The Virtual Energy Forum is upcoming soon: June 10 & 11, only on the World Wide Web.

Sinclair: How do I sign up? What’s it cost?

Rosenbloom: Sign up is easy. Just launch your browser and go to to register online. This entire event is completely free for attendees. If you sign up now, we’ll send you some e-mails to remind you to attend. Hope to see lots of people from the Automated Buildings audience there!

Sinclair: I’ll be there.

Rosenbloom: That’s great, Ken--- see you then!


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