May 2008

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Articles - May 2008

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Control Solutions, Inc

Preview of ConnectivityWeek 2008  ConnectivityWeek 2008 has collected all of the key subjects that will draw this picture of the future world of connected devices. The tent to encompass this vision is large, very large. Anto Budiardjo, President, Clasma Events Inc.

ConnectivityWeek is the Green Summit  The message to readers is that Green is not just about LEED, and that DR is the opportunity to build a new business model that does not rely on new construction.  John J. "Jack" Mc Gowan, CEM Energy Control Inc.

Load Response as a Potential Economic Force in a Slowing Economy  Load response can deliver a significant return on investment with documented energy savings, enhanced efficiencies and information and intelligence that can be extracted from a facility to make it run even more efficiently. Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Constellation NewEnergy

Smart Grid and Smart Building solutions with the Web 2.0 Technology   A suite of Web 2.0 products and services bringing together demand-side and intermittent resources, power grid operations, and energy markets  Ali Ipakchi, Vice President, OATi

Creating a Sustainable Building Industry Future  Our industry needs to show in the new buildings we construct that achieving ultra-efficient building operation need not be a convoluted, expensive, or hit-and-miss process. Thomas Hartman, P E, The Hartman Company

Convergence 2.0  Technology Convergence is Only the Beginning  Andy McMillan, President/CEO, Teletrol Systems Inc, President, BACnet International

Open Source  Beyond Open Systems  Anno Scholten, Novus Edge

Efficient Human Convergence for Realizing ROI  One of the most efficient ways for humans to converge when required to implement and maintain new facility and energy solutions is to have strong adaptable integrated tools and processes increasing productivity and limiting the need for any human converge.  Brian Thompson, Founder, Managing Director, SENSUS M.I.

Delivering Enterprise Energy and Facility Management through an Open Architecture  The problem today is that there is a huge capability gap between building systems, their disparate or so called “open” protocols and a scaled enterprise energy management system offering control and management of all building systems.  Edmund B. Richards, President and CEO, Richards-Zeta

Advanced Energy Management Programs Automated Demand Response (ADR). Brooke Raffetto, Richards-Zeta Building Intelligence Inc.

Building a Green America  North America strongly correlates environmental performance with financial gains, boasts of patronizing real estate with at east 3-5 percent higher occupancy rate and who do not hesitate shelling out or commanding at least 3 percent higher rental rate than traditionally.  Konkana Khaund, Research Analyst, Environment & Building Technologies, Frost & Sullivan, North America

What Exactly is "Network Integration?"  “If it's the Psychic Network why do they need a phone number?”  Robin Williams, Actor, Comedian  Jim Sinopoli PE, RCDD, Managing Principal, Smart Buildings

EnOcean Alliance "No Wires. No Batteries. No Limits."  The Wireless Standard for Sustainable Buildings  Graham Martin, Chairman EnOcean Alliance

Energy Saving Solutions - Building IT with OPC  There is a symbiotic relationship between the systems controlling the environment, and the people and systems contained within it. Integration of the systems is needed to fully realize optimization possibilities.  Eric Murphy, MatrikonOPC

Cisco Application eXtension Platform  OSGi Add-On as Universal Middleware for Your Applications  Thomas Forst, Business Development Manager ProSyst Software GmbH

Building automation and intelligent buildings  Using motion detection sensors or security sensors on doors you can receive an instant alert via SMS, telephone call, e-mail or SNMP trap of un-authorized access. Pictures captures by the cameras can be attached to the E-mail or an MMS message so you can instantly see who is entering your building or room without authorization. You could even automatically prevent further access.  Nicholas Barrowclough, Technical Support Manager, AKCP

How to improve the Performance of a Mesh Wireless Sensor Network?  This white paper presents Diversity Path Mesh, a technology designed to maximize the most important performance factors of wireless mesh networks, as well as their trade-off envelope. Virtual Extension Ltd - Technology White Paper

The New Face of Building Automation  Buildings are now expected to be an interactive part of their virtual community and of course the electrical grid. This new face is creating untold opportunities that we all must investigate, understand and support. Published Control Engineering Asia magazine May 2008 issue

The Rise of Virtual Services  Computer applications that integrate information more effectively are giving building managers new tools to manage their energy use.  Published Energy Management Canada magazine May 2008 issue

Brilliant Buildings  What makes a Building Brilliant? …..Surpassing Excellence that’s what!  Published ES Magazine May issue

Columns - May 2008

Controls Estimating 101  A beginner’s look at labor and material estimating for plan & spec projects  Steven R. Calabrese, Automated Logic Chicago

More on the Challenge of Writing the Controls Specs….   Open/standard communications protocols is probably the most important example of where a specification should contain explicit, prescriptive requirements. Paul Ehrlich & Ira Goldschmidt, Building Intelligence Group

Service Performance, Compliance, and Business Responsiveness  Just as in the rest of business computing, open source is coming to building control systems. Open interfaces such as oBIX make open source programming effective.  Toby Considine, Technology Officer, Facility Services, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Articles - April 2008

ASHRAE, CSI & OPC at BuilConn  The new face is strangely a combination of the past, the changing, the new, and a heavy dose of socially-driven subjects that together are turning the world of energy and buildings upside down. as ASHRAE, CSI & OPC meet at BuilConn.  Anto Budiardjo, President, Clasma Events Inc.

Getting a Handle on Web 2.0 and the New Services Development Paradigm  John R. Janowiak, President, International Engineering Consortium

Demand Response and the Energy Conservation Spirit  Integrating Demand Response into Overall Energy Efficiency on a College Campus  Steve Schaefer, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, EnergyConnect Inc.

Communicating To the Enterprise Isn’t Science Fiction  Far from being science fiction, providing the ability to connect building automation systems to the enterprise using OPC is very much a reality today.  Eric Murphy, BSc, PEng, MatrikonOPC

Total Facility Control  We need a better way to upgrade, enhance, and control what we have. Facility managers need a plan, a partner, and an incentive. Ron Bernstein, Executive Director, LonMark International

End-to-end solutions for business automation  A new site automation software development platform arrives on the market. Lydia Cobo, Marketing Europe, Elutions

Changing the Present Value  (Or Why the Present Value doesn’t change) Peter Chipkin, Partner AGP Support Group.

Mega Video Solutions  Systems are not just cheaper and more flexible they have opened up new opportunities. Barry Keepence, CTO, IndigoVision

The Future of Automated Buildings in North America  As published Climatização & Refrigeração Magazine Brazil  Ken Sinclair, Editor Owner

Columns - April 2008

Typical Controllers in DDC  Understand the differences in controller types and applications  Part 1 of 3 Steven R. Calabrese, Automated Logic Chicago

Rent Seeking is Crippling Building System Markets  Rent seeking is defined as when an individual, organization, or firm seeks to make money by manipulating control of the economic environment rather than by making a profit through trade and production of value.  Toby Considine, Technology Officer, Facility Services, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Writing the Controls Specs…. One of life’s great challenges  In reality the design of the controls system really starts with the selections made for the mechanical and electrical systems and a good understanding of how the building will be operated. Paul Ehrlich & Ira Goldschmidt, Building Intelligence Group

Control Solutions, Inc Past Favorites 

Ken Sinclair, Editor Owner  The Future of Automated Buildings in North America
Jim Sinopoli PE, RCDD, Managing Principal, Smart Buildings  The Coming Flood of Energy Reporting, Building Sensors and System Meters 
Robert Eckery, Marcom Manager, EnOcean, Inc. Pushing Green into the Black 
Anto Budiardjo, President, Clasma Events Inc. The Energy Revolution is Here!
Jim Sinopoli PE, RCDD, Managing Principal, Smart Buildings  Eight Predictions for Smart Buildings in 2008
Dan McCarty Quality Automation Graphics  Out-of-the-Box Energy Monitoring
Jim Sinopoli PE, RCDD, Managing Principal, Smart Buildings How Do Smart Buildings Make A Building Green? 
Johnson Controls, Case Study  Integrated Design Associates, Inc.  Net-zero energy 
Edward H. Brzezowski, P.E – LEED AP,  Director of Engineering, Ferreira Group and John Grabowski, Vice President, Live Data Systems Ferreira “31 Tannery Project”  Net Zero Electric
Anto Budiardjo, President, Clasma Events Inc  The Killer App is Here
Anto Budiardjo, President, Clasma Events Inc Four steps to make money from DR
Roy Kok, VP Sales and Marketing, Kepware Technologies  Weather On Demand
Peter M. Schwartz, Principal, Peter Schwartz & Associates, LLC Are you ready for changing 21st Century energy markets?
Alex Leonov, Marketing Manager, MeshNetics  Parking Lot Gets Smart with ZigBee
Anto Budiardjo, President, Clasma Events Inc.Seven Habits of a Highly Profitable Controls Company
Jared Malarsky, Research Analyst, ARC Advisory Group HVAC Control Systems Market
Jim Sinopoli PE, RCDD, Managing Principal, Sinopoli and Associates
The Top 10 List For Successfully Integrating Building Systems
Alper Uzmezler Systems Integrator Building Automation Systems Services BAS Graphics - Past, Now, and Future
Mark Walters, Chairman, Z-Wave Alliance Wireless Control and Automation Made Practical -- Finally
Deke Smith, AIA,
Executive Director, buildingSMART® Alliance National Institute of Building Sciences  Truly Brilliant Buildings
Brooke Richards, Richards-Zeta Building Intelligence, Inc. The Largest Enterprise Energy Management Deployment in North America



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